Mainstreaming The WPCD 5.x Line

WPCloudDeploy 5.x has been out for a few months now – the original release was back in December 2022. It was a large release and included quite a number of new and updated features.

However, because it required all new add-ons we did not push it out to existing users via the usual WordPress automatic updates process. Instead, users who installed V5.x and wanted updates needed to install them manually.

We are now remedying this situation by turning on automatic updates for all users.

However, doing this has some severe ramifications for users who are still running V4.x or earlier.

If you are a WPCD 4.x user with premium plugins you should NOT automatically apply these updates. While you will see them in your WordPress updates screen you should IGNORE them.

If you have any WPCD 4.x add-on enabled, blindly applying the 5.x update will disable your WPCD site.

We sent out a warning email on Thursday May 11th to everyone in our email list. This article is another medium through which we are communicating this important change.

We have also added a notice in the private Facebook Group.

(If you did not receive our email and you believe you’re on our email list, please take a quick look at your spam folders.)

How To Upgrade From WPCloudDeploy 4.x (or Earlier)

If you are running WPCD 4.x or earlier please follow the instructions in our WPCD 5.x upgrade document.

However, if you are running WPCD 4.x without any premium add-ons, you can apply this update automatically.

After the update is complete, please follow the instructions in the WPCD 5.x upgrade notes and WPCD 5.3 upgrade notes documents.

Users Running WPCloudDeploy 5.x

If you are running an early version of 5.x, you can upgrade automatically but you should also read this document: WPCD 5.3 upgrade notes and follow the instructions in the sections that are relevant to your situation.

Upgrade Service

For users who would like us to apply the updates for you, we have added a new service offering to our store.

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