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WPCloudDeploy is a self-hosted product and, as such, it can take a bit of work to get started. With the need for properly configured SSH keys and an existing site or server on which to perform the install, things can be a little tricky.

To make getting started easier we have always offered the option to perform the installation for you for free.

Surprisingly, less than half of our customers choose this free option. But for those that do, it can still result in a lot of friction before that first server and site are up and running.

Between sharing SSH KEYS, API keys, login access to servers, handling any existing firewalls and proxies etc., customers still have to be involved in the process, sometimes heavily so.

And that can all provide a bad first impression. Which is definitely not want we would like.

We now have an alternative that can help to reduce this installation friction.

New Installation Option

We can now create the install in our own LINODE account and then push the install directly to your own Linode account.

This will get you up and running MUCH MUCH faster. All you will need to do is point your WPCD domain or subdomain to the LINODE VM’s IP address.

You’ll still need to configure your cloud provider with an SSH key and send us an API key for them. But we can get the installation process started sooner instead of waiting for you to dig up and provide us the information to access your server.

This option will only make sense for users who are current Linode (or want to be) Linode customers. (Note: We do NOT get any compensation from Linode, or any other provider, for this service).

We can also offer this option for any other server provider who allow for account-to-account VM transfers. Unfortunately, most do not allow this.

Going forward, for customers who request that we perform the installation, we will offer this as the first and easiest option.

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