Price Increase Coming December 1st 2021

WPCloudDeploy keeps getting better and better every month. In fact, since the start of the year we’ve added dozens of new features, many of which are not available on other platforms.

To reflect the value of all of these improvements, we are going to be increasing our prices for our subscriptions on December 1st 2021. The new prices will be:

  • Core: $299/yr, up from $199/yr
  • Business: $599/yr, up from $449/yr
  • All Access: $999/yr, up from $799/yr

Existing subscriptions will be unaffected.

While we don’t offer a monthly subscription option we feel that we should point out that the new prices will still work out to less per month than most other SaaS solutions ($25, $50 & $84 per month.)

And even though most competitors have monthly price points that can dramatically exceed $100/month, none of our pricing options (even the new ones) do so yet.

So if you’ve been thinking about locking in a subscription, this is the month to cross that off your todo list!

Lifetime Prices

Lifetime pricing is likely to go away at some point in 2022. Even if they do not go away, they will be increased dramatically – by at least $1000.

If this is an option you’ve been considering, now is the time to lock in the existing price. (As some of you already know, we’ve held firm on new prices when you’ve offered to make a purchase at older prices.)

They will also be increased in December by a smaller amount as the new subscription prices go into effect.

(Our existing pricing for lifetime licenses is generally three times as much as a subscription license so they will be increased as the new subscription prices are increased.)

They will either eventually go away completely in 2022 or be increased once more.

All that is to say that, if you’re considering a lifetime license, this is the month to get one before it becomes more expensive or simply not available at all.

2021 Feature Summary

As a reminder of how much can change in just a year, in 2021 we’ve added dozens of new features to WPCloudDeploy. You can see all the improvements in our change logs.

Some of the more notable improvements include:

  • Bulk actions for both servers and sites
  • Support for updating plugins and themes including an intelligent rollback feature
  • Better support for staging sites
  • Cloudflare Integration
  • New features in our WooCommerce integrations
  • Support for new, more complex providers such as Azure and Google
  • Improvements to our VULTR providers
  • Support for more native provider features such as backups and snapshots
  • Push Notifications
  • More flexibility on alerts
  • More UI features such as control over Linux updates

and lots more…

Our new prices reflect the value these new features bring to the table.

Will There Be A Holiday Sale Discount?

Unfortunately, no, there will not be.

Last year was the first time we experimented on dropping our prices and is probably going to be the last time we do so. We generally believe in pricing fairly at all times, even if it results in reduced sales.

Last year’s offer was an experiment and likely not to be repeated anytime soon.

There is a benefit for existing license holders though – view that here.

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