Holiday 2023: Core+ Lifetime for Unlimited Admins

Core+ is a bundle that’s perfect for anyone looking to manage their own cloud of WordPress servers & sites.

Lifetime Price: $1299.


$700 Discount on a Special Core+ LIFETIME Bundle

  • Core + 4 Additional providers


What You Get

  • WPCloudDeploy Core

  • Linode / Akamai Provider Integration

  • Vultr Provider Integration

  • UpCloud Provider Integration

  • Hetzner Provider Integration

  • Lifetime License

    All future updates

  • Guaranteed Upgrade Path

    No Price Increases - Upgrade anytime over the next 3 years at today's prices.

Here's What's Included With the Holiday 2023 CORE+ Lifetime Special Offer

  • Our CORE Product Plus Some Additional Add-ons

    This offer includes our CORE plugin plus the following add-on providers:

    - Linode

    - Vultr

    - UpCloud

    - Hetzner

  • Replacement for Cloudways, Ploi, SpinupWP, Gridpane, WPEngine, Kinsta and more

    Save hundreds or thousands of dollars by replacing your monthly fees with a single one-time payment.

  • All Current and Future Core Software Features

    You get all updates in the core product for as long as we continue to release them.  Nothing more to buy - ever. If we release it as a core software feature in the future you will get it.

    You also get all future updates to the 4 premium providers included with this offer.

    Most of our new features end up as part of CORE. More than 75% of the new features we've added over the last two years have been included in the CORE plugin.

  • Unlimited Everything

    Unlimited Servers, Unlimited Sites, Unlimited Teams, Unlimited WPCD Instances

  • Unlimited Administrators

    Lifetime license for use by any number of panel administrators.

  • Guaranteed Upgrade Path

    Upgrade to Unlimited All-Access Lifetime anytime over the next 3 years - even if we stop offering lifetime licenses you will still be entitled to upgrade at the current All-Access Lifetime price. 

    This guarantees that you've locked in the current price of the all-access license for three years should you decide that you would like to upgrade.

  • No Monthly or Annual Software Fees

    If you're like most folks you're probably getting sick of subscriptions.  With this deal, you will no longer pay monthly or annual software subscription fees just for managing your own WordPress servers.  Sweet, right?

  • Can Be Used By Firms Of Any Size

    Our pricing model changed on December 1st 2022 with different prices for small and large businesses. Licenses purchased under this offer have no restrictions on company size and can be used by companies  of any size (which makes this a SPECTACULAR deal).

  • Full source code

    Nothing is hidden.  You get the full source-code and build tools without any obfuscator or similar shenanigans.  

  • Free Installation

    We'll install WPCD onto a VM for you.  Just request within 30 days of purchase and we'll let you know what we need from you get it done (server access, domain name etc.)

CORE+ Bundle Lifetime Plan
Limited Time Offer - Just $1,299

When The Timer Hits Zero, The Deal Is Gone Forever!


The CORE+ Bundle is An Incredible Value



+ Linode


+ Vultr


+ UpCloud


+ Hetzner



$695 / yr

When purchased separately, the 5 plugins in this offer would cost $695 per year.

The lifetime cost with this offer is only $604 more than the cost of the first year of an annual license!

With this kind of value, we can only keep this offer open to the public for a very very short period of time.

After that it will never be seen again at this price for unlimited admins.

If you have any interest at all in managing your own WordPress servers, you should definitely grab this now - even if you aren't going to use it right away.

Core Features

A quick reminder of some of the features in the core plugin.

General Features

  • Create and Manage Unlimited WordPress Servers & Sites
  • Supported Web Servers: NGINX & OpenLiteSpeed
  • Teams
  • White Label
  • Backend and Frontend UI

Server Management

  • SSH Root Access
  • Multiple Firewall Levels
  • Multiple Cache Options
  • Custom Deployment Scripts
  • Server Level Email Relay
  • Malware & Virus Scanning
  • Delete Protection
  • Bulk Server Actions

Site Management

  • Add & Remove Sites
  • Staging Sites
  • Multiple Sites Per Server
  • Local and Remove Backups
  • Backups to S3 & Compatible Services
  • Push Sites Between Servers
  • Change Site Domain
  • Clone Sites
  • Free SSL with LetsEncrypt
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • File Manager
  • Linux Cron
  • Caching
  • Multiple sFTP Users
  • WP-CLI
  • Custom Deployment Scripts
  • Cloudflare Integration
  • One-Click Logins
  • Much much more!


  • Numerous Integrations
  • Site Packages
  • Team & User Management
  • MicroCRM
  • Notifications to Email, Slack, Zapier
  • Integration with Logtivity
  • Extensive Security Options including Integration with SolidWP Pro
  • Multiple Deployment Scenarios
  • Integrated with Roles & Capabilities
  • Data Stored in Custom Post Types
  • Customize With Off-the-shelf Tools Such As ACF
  • 100% Open Source
  • Developer Friendly
  • Privacy Friendly
  • Translations
  • Public Github Repo
  • Extensive Help Docs
  • Fast Support

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