Save $1000...

Holiday 2020: Discounted Lifetime Pricing Offer

Get our highest level package with unlimited everything at a $1000 discount.  

Usually $2499, now $1499 with this offer.

The discount will be automatically applied when you click the purchase button. 


What You Get

  • Replacement for Cloudways, Ploi, SpinupWP, Gridpane, WPEngine, Kinsta and more

    Save thousands by replacing your monthly fees with a single one-time payment.

  • All current and future software features, plugins and add-ons

    You get all updates, future add-ons and more for as long as we continue to release them.  Nothing more to buy - ever. If we release it as a core or premium software feature in the future you will get it.


  • License covers Unlimited Administrators

    A standard license usually covers just one administrator.  This deal gives you unlimited admins for the price of one.

  • Unlimited Everything

    Unlimited Servers, Unlimited Sites, Unlimited Admins

  • Full source code

    Nothing is hidden.  You get the full source-code and build tools without any obfuscator or similar shenanigans.  

Limited Time Offer - $1000 Discount

When The Timer Hits Zero, The Deal Is Gone Forever!

Usually $2499, now $1499 with this offer.

The discount will be automatically applied when you click the purchase button.

Industry Reviews


If you’re not already spitting out your coffee and falling off your chair, you should be. Because WPCD is that much of a game-changer.

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... I think that developers will really appreciate the flexibility, customizability, ownership, and open-source nature of WPCloud Deploy.

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I seriously love the feature set of WP Cloud Deploy. It’s one of the most comprehensive set of features for a control panel I’ve seen so far...

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Does This Make Financial Sense For Me?

The basic payback period for this deal, without any additional considerations, is about 3 years.  So if you plan on being in business after 3 years then the plugin is essentially free to you then.

The calculus there is simple: One Admin seat for the All-Access plan is $499 per year. The cost of this deal is $1499. Divide the two and you end up with approximately 3 (meaning 3 years).

But, if you have more than one full time administrator for your servers and sites, then the payback period is a lot less.

And, if you use any of the features you can't find anywhere else - such as  using WooCommerce to sell server plans, deep integration with other WordPress plugins and the WP dashboard, easier custom development, better white label options and the team functionality (which costs a LOT elsewhere), then the payback period will be even shorter.

So, the MAXIMUM payback period is 3 years.  For most users it will likely be a whole lot less.

Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes, our 30 day refund policy applies.  But, we really hope you allow us to address any issues you might encounter before using it.  Since we offer 1-on-1 walkthru's and such, there should be no issues in getting up and running and learning to use the platform.

Will You Be Offering This Again?

We don't like to say "never".  But our current intention is to not do it.  We're not big fans of discounted lifetime offers.  A lifetime price is already a discounted offer and to add an extra discount on top of that - well, let's just say that it's not something we've done before. 

But it is 2020 and if ever there was a year to try new things, this would be it (we're also offering a lifetime deal on the related SaaS service over here.)

As you might expect, if we did these types of offers for too long and too often, the business would not be sustainable.  So, even if we do make a future similar offer, the price will be much higher or the benefits will be less or vastly different.

For now though, our intention is to not offer this again.  So it's best to assume that it's a one-shot deal!

Can I Pay a Fee To Get Help With My Servers?

Absolutely!  Our billing rate is $100.00 per hour and you can use that time to make any request that falls outside our standard support.

You can even use us as your full time server manager if you already have your hands full with other client activities.

If you purchase this deal, we'll make you an even better offer.  We'll provide blocks of professional services hours at just $50.00 per hour - that's a 50% discount!

There are some restrictions as follows:

  1. You must purchase the time in blocks of 4 hours.  You can purchase as many blocks as you like.
  2. You must purchase the blocks at the same time or shortly after you purchase the plugin deal (within 24 hours.)
  3. The hours must be used in 2021.  They will expire at the end of 2021.
  4. There are NO REFUNDS on these hours.

To purchase blocks of hours, just drop us a note using our contact form to let us know how many blocks you would like to purchase.  We'll then send you a payment link.

Usually $2499, now $1499 with this offer.

The discount will be automatically applied when you click the purchase button.