Sell Site Subscriptions With WooCommerce V1.5

The latest release of our add-on that allows you to sell site subscriptions with WooCommerce is all about flexibility in handling template sites and providing new options on checkout

User Registration On New Template Sites

The metabox for designating template sites has been expanded from a single checkbox to a multi-option primary metabox.

When you create a new site from a template site you can now decide how to handle the customer registration in the new site. You have three options:

  • Never add the customer (not sure why you would want to do this but it’s an option)
  • Add the customer as a new admin
  • Change one of the existing admins in the template to use the customers email address and password (user name will not change)

Additionally, we now change the global site admin address to the customers’ email address.

New Checkout Options

You can now ask for a subdomain name and a user password when checking out.

There are two places you can ask for these new fields:

  • In the product page, just before the product is added to the cart.
  • On the payment page

In The Product Page

On the Checkout Page


Add the WooCommerce order id and subscription ids to the site list:

Fixes & Tweaks (From v.4.2 & v1.4.1)

  • Tweak: When a site is cloned, make sure that the new site has the WC order and subscription ids from the original site.
  • Tweak: When a site is pushed to staging, make sure that the new site has the WC order and subscription ids from the original site.
  • Fix: A logic flaw when updating the number of sites a user is allowed to have.


With this release, it’s much easier to implement a few common scenarios involving template sites. It requires WPCD Core 4.15 (a fast-ring release). You can download both plugins from your WPCloudDeploy account on this site.

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