Sometimes, It’s Just Not A Great Fit

When customers find out about WPCloudDeploy, there’s a good chance that they’ve already looked at companies like Cloudways, Ploi, RunCloud, SpinupWP & Gridpane.

Here’s a little secret – most folks are better off with those SaaS companies.

That’s probably not what you expected to read, huh?

Unless you have a very very specific need that can only be met by WPCloudDeploy, it’s easier and faster to use a regular SaaS.

However, there are some requirements that only WPCloudDeploy can fill. If you have one of these, we will make a HUGE, positive difference to your business in a way that a SaaS simply cannot match.

So, what are those requirements we speak of?

There are seven, maybe ten, if we stretch the list a bit to include a few ‘nice-to-haves’.

1. Customization

You can’t find a dedicated WordPress control plane platform with a better customization story. We’re open source and if you really want the ability to customize and control your story and your brand, we go way above anything you can find in a SaaS.

The ability to customize the base code or build plugins using an environment and technology you already know and love sets us apart from just about any SaaS.

If you’re a really hard-core developer, you can build some awesome, highly personalized integrated pipelines that start at server deployment and run through your site deployments and upgrades.

2. Data Control

When you use a SaaS, data about your server lives inside of someone else’s platform. Sure, you might own your servers and can log into them directly. But all the metadata and control-plane elements are inside someone else’s silo – which usually means you have no easy options to move to an alternative or if the platform is compromised or shuts down for some reason.

If this is a concern, only WPCloudDeploy can offer a suitable alternative.

Sure, you can use things such as Plesk, cPanel, WordOps etc. and run them on your own server(s). But we’re discussing and comparing sophisticated WordPress control systems with deep awareness of everything WordPress – we’re not talking about general purpose Linux control panels or pure command-line tools.

Outside of SaaS systems, only WPCD can offer an alternative that isn’t in someone’s central control and where every single aspect of your data is under your umbrella.

3. Security

This is a close relative of item 2 above.

Large SaaS services likely have a ton of folks with direct access into your servers.

If this concerns you, then WPCD is your only alternative. With it there is one less 3rd party with access to your systems.

And then there is the matter of the code base that is running your SaaS. Chances are that you’re not privy to security audits or issues that might be encountered inside the SaaS infrastructure. And you have no way of hiring your own security specialists to inspect the code and platform architecture on which you might be building a significant aspect of your business.

That’s not something you worry about with WPCD – everything is right there in the open for you.

4. Privacy and Regional Data Jurisdiction Requirements

When you use a SaaS, your control-plane data resides wherever the SaaS vendor decide it should be placed. You have little, if any, choice.

With WPCD, your primary control servers go where you decide. And by extension, so do all your customer servers.

You simply can’t get this kind of flexibility with a SaaS. If this matters, WPCD is likely your only option.

5. Language & Locale Requirements

While most of the world does business in English, sometimes that’s just not enough. And you need (or just want) to deploy your systems in the language and locale you’re most comfortable with.

A SaaS might give you a few language options. But only WPCD can give you just about every language option out there – because it’s based on WordPress and uses WordPress’ translation engine.

6. Deployment Options & Risk

When you depend on a SaaS, you depend on their single, unified platform staying up and running for you.

For some folks, maybe that’s an uncomfortable bet to make, even if the platform has a redundant back-end.

If you’re in the camp where you worry about things like this, once again WPCD is probably your only alternative (when it comes to platforms that are purpose built for WordPress.)

With WPCD, you can stand up multiple instances of WPCD in different regions and different parts of the world without having to build out a complete and expensive redundancy system inside of something like AWS.

Sometimes, just being able to segment customers into their own Control Plane silos is good enough.

And, in fact, the WPCD licensing model takes into consideration this scenario – it is licensed based on the number of Administrators using it, not on the number of instances in use.

Of course, if you want to build out your own super-expensive back-end with redundancy and fail-over into multiple regions, you can do that as well – WPCD doesn’t discriminate.

7. Deep Integration With Familiar Tools.

If you love your WooCommerce and your ACF and WordPress hooks and filters, then WPCD is the only game in town.

No SaaS so far can match the level of WooCommerce integration that we bring to the table.

And most SaaS vendors can’t handle the kinds of scenarios that are par for the course in WooCommerce.

If that’s your jam, we’re perfect for you!

And, of course, if you need to extend the integration(s), you can do that – it’s the power of Open Source!

Nice To Haves

If you have a need for any of the items listed above we’re your best bet. If you have no need for any of those, you’re likely better off with a SaaS.

But maybe you prefer one of the nice-to-haves we list below – in which case, welcome to the family!

8. Deep Love of Open Source

If you have a deep and abiding love for all things open source, then you probably already love WPCD.

If this is a thing you’re looking for, WPCD fits the bill in spades.

9. No Monthly Fees

If you don’t like monthly fees and prefer to purchase your software upfront, we’ve got you covered with our life-time prices for smaller businesses (under 3 million in revenue).

10. Smaller Teams

If you prefer smaller teams, you’ll love us. More times that not you’ll get highly personalized service.

Wrap Up

So there you have it. If you don’t have one of the above requirements on your list of ‘needs’, chances are you’re better off with a SaaS. Of course we’d love to have your business no matter what and we know you’ll love us when you come on board.

We have all the standards features most SaaS have. And a ton of others that they don’t (including WC integration mentioned earlier, deployment options, a Micro CRM, native WordPress and its associated hooks and filters…)

But, we will really really make the most difference to your business when at least one of your requirements matches something in the list above.

Did you purchase WPCD for a different reason? If so, let us know @ [email protected] – we’d love to know why you chose us!

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