Plugin & Theme Licensing in SaaS Projects

February 3, 2024

When you’re building SaaS projects on WordPress, you’re likely to use commercial plugins with licensing requirements. One of the most annoying things you’ll run into is the complexity of activating those licenses on new sites. The good news is that, in many instances, plugins do not need to be activated since they’ll work just fine – the license is only…

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Why CNAMES are Useful For Your WordPress SaaS

February 2, 2024

If you’re not familiar with CNAMES, they’re a type of record used in DNS. And they’re very useful when you’re building a SaaS. Let’s take the following scenario: To get the their real domain to point to the site, they need to update their DNS records. But that means giving them the IP address for the server where the site…

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Why You Should Build Your Next SaaS On WordPress

January 31, 2024

Introduction WordPress is an incredible platform on which to build your next SaaS. It’s been around (what feels like) forever, has a huge community of developers, is well understood, has tons of themes and feature plugins and uses a battle tested tech stack. However, building a SaaS on it is not the same as building one from the ground up…

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Introducing WPCloudDeploy Momentum

January 7, 2024

We’re starting off 2024 by introducing a new PRODUCTIZED SERVICE – WPCloudDeploy Momentum. WPCloudDeploy Momentum builds on the WPCloudDeploy software stack SaaS features by integrating Generative AI into template sites. This allows for UNIQUE sites for each customer each and every time. Imagine building a single template site, yet every site cloned from it is unique (text and images).  That’s…

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How To Build A WordPress SaaS (Video Course)

December 10, 2023

If you’re thinking about building a SaaS on WordPress you should check out the MVP (minimum viable product) for our new video course. The course is free. But, since it’s an MVP, it’s by no means polished and not all the videos are ready – only about 16 are available right now. But, those 16 videos gets you to a…

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WordPress Multitenant SaaS: How To Add A WooCommerce Product ID To WP-CONFIG

October 3, 2023

When you’re building a SaaS on WordPress that is not based on WordPress multisite, you typically want to push data into the wp-config.php file of each site. You do this because you would want to access the data in a custom plugin on the tenant site. This plugin allows you to control the user experience and features available in the…

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How To Restrict Plugin Access In A WordPress Multi-tenant SaaS

October 2, 2023

So, you’re building your SaaS on WordPress using all kinds of WordPress tools including a bunch of plugins. For some SaaS projects you don’t need your users to see the plugins menu in wp-admin at all – in which case you can just easily hide the menu option completely (using something such as Menu Editor Pro or other white-label plugins).…

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WordPress Multi-Tenant Vendor Roundup [Plus Call for Information & Research]

September 4, 2023

This is a call for information The list of vendors that offer a deployment option that resembles multi-tenant for WordPress is short. And there’s no one place you can go to find out about them or the capabilities they offer. In fact, even the term “Multi-tenant” have slightly different meanings to different folks. And, given that the architecture tends to…

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WordPress SaaS: Validate Your Market Before Building

May 20, 2023

So you’re ready to build your SaaS. But how sure are you that customers will purchase your product? This is a very valid and very important question, regardless of which platform you’re building your SaaS on. If you don’t have an answer then you probably should stop what you’re doing and figure it out. The easiest way to get an…

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WordPress SaaS: Multi-tenant vs Multisite vs Standard Sites

May 19, 2023

There are three deployment strategies you can use when building your SaaS on WordPress. We cover these three deployment types in our prior article, Planning a WordPress SaaS. However, the comparison between the three deployment options is just part of that article. In this article we’re just pulling that information out so it can stand on its own. If you…

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All About Updating Your WordPress Based SaaS (WaaS)

May 15, 2023

Understanding what you need to do to update your WaaS is an important consideration when deciding what architecture you will use to deploy it. This article on OpenSaaS.io covers the three primary WordPress SaaS architectures along with the options for updating files, database and configuration data.

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The Ultimate Guide To Building A SaaS On WordPress – Part 3

May 12, 2023

Introduction In part one of this series you configured your WPCloudDeploy (or OpenSaaS)account, created a basic template site and connected it to your WooCommerce store. Then, in part 2, you fleshed out your template and got it to the point where you have a basic MVP (minimum viable product). In this part of the series we’re going help you start…

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