WooCommerce Subscription Handling Surprises

January 19, 2024

When you use the Woo Subscriptions add-on for WooCommerce, subscriptions are handled very differently compared to most other competitors. This can lead to unexpected surprises for admins who expect to see subscription objects in the Stripe or Paypal dashboard. In this article we’ll explain what WooCommerce does differently compared to other plugins and services. The primary difference between WooCommerce and…

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How To Build A WordPress SaaS (Video Course)

December 10, 2023

If you’re thinking about building a SaaS on WordPress you should check out the MVP (minimum viable product) for our new video course. The course is free. But, since it’s an MVP, it’s by no means polished and not all the videos are ready – only about 16 are available right now. But, those 16 videos gets you to a…

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Introducing Product Packages For our WooCommerce Integration

October 4, 2023

Version 3.3 of our WooCommerce integration will include a major new feature we’re calling “Product Packages”. Product Packages allow you to automatically activate plugins and themes on a per-product basis, configure memory usage per product and inject the product id, product categories and custom values into the tenant wp-config.php file on a per-product basis. It even allows you to configure…

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WordPress Multitenant SaaS: How To Add A WooCommerce Product ID To WP-CONFIG

October 3, 2023

When you’re building a SaaS on WordPress that is not based on WordPress multisite, you typically want to push data into the wp-config.php file of each site. You do this because you would want to access the data in a custom plugin on the tenant site. This plugin allows you to control the user experience and features available in the…

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What’s New In WPCD WooCommerce 3.0

June 14, 2022

With WPCD 5.0 on the horizon we have added a lot of goodies to our WooCommerce modules that take advantage of all that WPCD 5.0 has to offer. If you’re building WaaS products and services you’ll love some of the stuff we’ve introduced here. New: Combined Plugin We used to have two WooCommerce add-ons – one for selling site subscriptions…

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How One Customer Sold 50 Server Subscriptions In A Single Day With WPCD

November 8, 2021

One of our most recent customers, a specialist WordPress agency in Italy, purchased WPCloudDeploy in late September. Six weeks later they unveiled their new hosting product based on it at a technology tradeshow called Web Summit in Lisbon. According to Reuters, Web Summit is Europe’s largest tech conference. About Our Customer Comcart.it is a WordPress agency based in Italy with…

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Challenge: Build A Cloudways “Clone”

March 15, 2021

Recently we were contacted by a prospect who wanted to know if they could use our product to build a service similar to Cloudways. We took that as challenge – how long would it take us to set up a full site that could do something similar to Cloudways – with the limitation that it would just be for WordPress…

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Selling Recurring Server Subscriptions With WooCommerce V 1.4

March 14, 2021

When WPCloudDeploy V 4.6 is released it will include support for a few new features in our Sell Server Subscriptions With WooCommerce add-on. New: Choose Server Sizes Directly The current version of our WooCommerce integration require that you create aliases such as “Small”, “Medium” and “Large” for server sizes. With this version we allow for the option to bypass that…

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New Feature: Sell WordPress Site Subscriptions With WooCommerce

January 30, 2021

Last year we introduced a feature where admins could setup subscriptions for cloud servers using WooCommerce. Now we’ve taken that concept one step further – admins can now set up subscriptions for WordPress sites…

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Updates To Selling Recurring Server Subscriptions With WooCommerce

January 18, 2021

Way way back in September 2020 (2020 already feels like a lifetime ago..), we released a new feature that allowed admins to sell recurring subscriptions to cloud servers using WooCommerce. But, we made a tactical error back then by including the feature in the core plugin. It was a tactical error for two reasons: It meant that every time we…

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Sell Cloud Server Subscriptions With WooCommerce & WPCloudDeploy

September 7, 2020

The next version of WPCloudDeploy will include the ability for end users to purchase cloud servers using WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions. We suspect that agencies might find some very creative ways to use this feature and we’re excited to see where it goes.

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