Updates To Selling Recurring Server Subscriptions With WooCommerce

Way way back in September 2020 (2020 already feels like a lifetime ago..), we released a new feature that allowed admins to sell recurring subscriptions to cloud servers using WooCommerce. But, we made a tactical error back then by including the feature in the core plugin.

It was a tactical error for two reasons:

  1. It meant that every time we wanted to add an update to the WooCommerce related features we had to release an entirely new version of the core plugin.
  2. It’s not a feature that most of our customers use initially so it was extra baggage that was unnecessary for many.

To remedy this tactical error we completed the removal of the code from the core plugin and into an add-on plugin. Now, we can add some new WooCommerce features without needing to constantly update the core plugin.

We have already rolled out the revised core plugin to all users for testing but have not rolled it out via auto-update. That will happen later. Users who want the latest and greatest features in the core plugin can log into their account on our site and download it.

And, of course, the new Sell Server Subscriptions With WooCommerce addon plugin is also ready.

With this new addon, we have rearranged the settings page and added two new features:

New: Confirmation Email When Server Is Ready

An oversight in version one of this feature was the lack of a confirmation email when a server was ready to be used. Since it can take 15 mins – 45 mins to provision a server, a notice when the server is ready seemed to be a necessity. So, now that’s a feature:

New: Restrict Product To A Single Provider

Before, a user would see all server providers on all server products and would need to pick one. With this new feature you can set up a product and restrict it to a single provider. Or you can still allow them to pick from all your configured providers

One of the benefits of this new feature is that you can now have different pricing for each provider – pricing can be different for say, DigitalOcean servers vs AWS servers.


Going forward we should be able to introduce more WooCommerce related features faster. We have some awesome ideas for the future – so hold on to your seatbelts!

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