What’s New In Power Tools 2.1

Power Tools 2.1 includes a couple of new features and a few tweaks and fixes. It requires WPCloudDeploy 5.0.0 or later.

New: Smart Server Restart

When configuring servers to automatically restart on a schedule, you now have the option to only restart those servers that are reporting a restart is needed.

In prior versions of Power Tools, the auto-restart would kick in even if the server didn’t technically need a restart.

New: Bulk Installation & Deployments

You can now deploy multiple sites or servers simultaneously.

Just set up your parameters on the BULK DEPLOY screen and let WPCD run the deployments in the background.

You’ll see the progress of the tasks in the PENDING TASKS screen.

This is probably our favorite feature inthis release.

Tweaks and Fixes

  • Tweak: Edit next schedule date for automatic images.
  • Tweak: WPCD 5.0 Compatibility fix with the health column.
  • Tweak: PHP 8.x fixes for text field sanitization.
  • Tweak: Do not let browser spellchecker run on data in sensitive fields.
  • Fix: Make sure activation functions work properly on subsites (especially cron activation code)
  • Other: WPCD 5.0 compatibility changes.

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