What’s New In The EXOSCALE V2 Server Provider

Version 2.0 of our EXOSCALE server provider is now available.

Exoscale is the only 100% European Cloud provider with direct WPCD integration. This means that, if you’re an EU customer using Exoscale, all your data resides inside the EU and the risk of data inadvertently moving outside EU borders is substantially reduced.

Here’s what’s new in this update:

New: Support for the Exoscale V2 API

Exoscale will disable the V1 API on their service on April 30th 2024. Therefore, this update drops support for the EXOSCALE V1 API and implements the V2 API in its place.

This change has some ramifications if you have existing Exoscale servers configured inside WPCD. For those servers, you will need to do the following:

  • Create a new set of API keys since the api keys for V1 is not compatible with the V2 keys.
  • Configure the WPCD Exoscale V2 service in SETTINGS (View Updated Exoscale Docs).
  • Create new EXOSCALE V2 servers .
  • Move all sites from the V1 servers to the new V2 servers.
  • Delete the V1 servers from inside the EXOSCALE dashboard.

If you do have V1 servers, you will likely have received an email notice from Exoscale about the shutdown of the V1 API.

New: Snapshot Support

You can now create snapshots from the BACKUP tab.

You can also create snapshots periodically if you have our POWER TOOLS add-on enabled.

New: Create SSH Key-Pair

The option to create a key-pair in the SETTINGS area is now supported. This is a feature a number of our other providers have had for a while now. With the new V2 API we can bring it to this provider.

What this means is that, instead of manually uploading an existing keypair to the EXOSCALE dashboard, you can create a new one inside the WPCD settings area as you configure the provider – just a single button click is needed.

If you choose this option, please ensure you save the resulting key-pair in a secure location!

Saving the new key-pair to a secure location is important – if you do not and the data in settings is deleted or overwritten, you will not be able to login to the server yourself (should the need arise).


The Exoscale V2 API is region specific. So if you need to create servers in more than one Exoscale region or zone, you’ll need to activate our VIRTUAL PROVIDER component.

Out of all the changes between the V1 and V2 API, we’re most disappointed with this new limitation – with the V1 API there was no region boundary with the API. But region boundaries in the API is consistent with what larger providers such as AWS, AZURE and GOOGLE are doing.


If you have applied a license key to your WPCD installation, an update notification will appear in your standard WordPress UPDATES screen.

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