What’s New In Version 4.1.0

Version 4.1.0 is a release with a very limited set of new features. In fact, there are only two new features in this release.

This makes it our smallest release to date. But one item in it makes it our most important release as well!

Warning: This version requires and enforces the requirement for PHP 7.4. You will not be able to activate or re-activate the plugin if your PHP version is below 7.4 AND you’re running on a version of WordPress that is designed to enforce this requirement.

New: Choosing Languages

When WordPress is being installed, you can now select a language. Prior to this feature being implemented, the WP installation was always in US English – which meant that you had to wait until your first login to change the language for the site.

New: Automatic Updates

You now have the option of automatic updates directly from our servers. You can enable this by entering your license keys on the SETTINGS->LICENSE screen.

Unfortunately, to get this implemented we had to update every single add-on. So you’ll need to update those as well in order to get automatic updates for them in the future.

New: Security Code Audit

This version of the plugin is the first one with a third party security code audit. We’ll be publishing another article on this process later.

This makes version 4.1.0 our most important release to date!

Minor Changes

  • Delete links are removed from Virtual Providers if the virtual provider is in use.
  • The title for virtual providers is now a required field.
  • If a provider is in use by a server, a warning is now shown in the settings screen – this should serve to warn the admin not to make changes that might break a server.


  • Use the function get_active_providers in place of get_providers in a number of places across all apps.
  • A few text strings were not wrapped in translation function calls.
  • When copying a site to another server, remove any app post records for that server that references that site. This prevents duplicate app records for the site that point to the same server.
  • Remove extra request for the mbstring php module when installing new servers.
  • Misc fixes to the 08-backup.sh bash script for removing orphaned backups and showing orphaned backups.
  • Various security related fixes.

Wrap Up

This release should now be available in your dashboard. Please make sure that you update your add-ons as well – this will ensure that you can enable automatic updates for them.

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