What’s New In WPCloudDeploy 4.12

This release is primarily a bug fix and clean up release. Many of you reading this might be disappointed since you’ve probably become used to us releasing awesome new features with every point update.

Still, we always try to squeeze something in there.

For this one, we have a new item that might get the more experienced among you excited and an additional item that we’ve just started that will get developers excited. But, otherwise, it’s mostly a bug-fix release.

New: Options For Enabling Features After Servers Are Deployed.

There is a new SERVER tab in the SETTINGS screen that look like this:

It allows you to configure some items to automatically run after your server is deployed. If you’ve been manually configuring these items after every server deployment this will save you some time.

New: REST API Foundation

This release includes the foundation of a REST API and some initial endpoints for the more experienced developers. There isn’t a lot of documentation – what we have you can find here.

You’ll need to explicitly enable the API on the SETTINGS screen under the new REST API tab if you want to start playing with it.

We’ll be doing more development in this area starting again next year, including at least one sample non-wp app to help you see what’s possible.

Fixes and Tweaks

As we mentioned, this is primarily a bug fix release. Here are all the things that we’ve resolved after 4.10.8 (which includes 4.10.9, 4.10.10, 4.11.0 and 4.12.)


  • Tweak: WPAPP – Some email notifications can now use tokens in the subject line.
  • Tweak: WPAPP – Make sure we run an apt update before gathering other info in script 24-server_status.
  • Tweak: WPAPP – Increase the number of chars visible in the message column in the notification list – from 100 to 150 chars.
  • Tweak: WPAPP – Made a protected function public so that it could be accessed elsewhere.
  • Tweak: WPAPP – Remove flag that indicated support for deleting snapshots in the DigitalOcean provider – unfortunately DO does not support it reliably.
  • Fix: WPAPP – An issue with WP-CLI where it threw weird compilation errors unless all linux updates were run.
  • Fix: WPAPP – Upgrading the WP-CLI after initial installation would not work on servers where the root user was a sudo user instead of actual ‘root’.
  • Fix: WPAPP – Two fields on the settings screen would overflow their border on smaller screen sizes.
  • Fix: WPAPP – An incorrect action-hook callback name.
  • Fix: WPAPP – Check the value of a variable in the callbacks tab to make sure it’s not a wp_error object before using it.
  • Dev: WPAPP – Encodes fields using encodeURIComponent on the front-end and decodes on the backend – adds stronger support for certain special characters.
  • Dev: WPAPP – New logic for menu – the current menu item / screen is now highlighted.
  • Dev: WPAPP – Fix some incorrect return types and removes redundant use of ‘echo’ when using the wp_send_json_error().


  • Fix: WPAPP – Deploying a server sometimes failed because SNAP REFRESH CORE returned a spurious error message from the SNAP servers.
  • Fix: WPAPP – Found a few more strings that were not being sent through the translation functions.
  • Dev: WPAPP – Added filter wpcd_crons_needing_active_check


  • Fix: WPAPP – The server provider listed at the top of an app was not respecting the alternate provider name if it was set.
  • Fix: WPAPP – Unable to get SSL certificate for Monitorix.


  • Fix: WPAPP – There was an issue opening and closing ports when using servers with SUDO admins.
  • Fix: WPAPP – A few strings were not being sent through the translation functions.


V 4.12 is currently available to all customers and should appear as an automatic update inside your WPCD site.

Next Release

Since we didn’t have much in the way of new features in this release here is a teaser for something that is going to be available in a future release:

Keep In Touch

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  • Github – the core project is now on Github. So if you ‘watch’ and ‘star’ the project you’ll get notified of activity as it occurs during development. It’s a great way to seen what might be coming next!

Edit History

12-12-2021: Updated to reflect that the release is now generally available. Publication date changed from 11-22-2021 to 12-12-2021.

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