What’s New In WPCloudDeploy 4.14

WPCloudDeploy v4.14.0 is a release focused on cleaning up the REST API and making it ready to be officially supported by our technical support team.

We started the work for the api back in V 4.11.0. And, in our 2021 wrapup article we mentioned that the API would be a major focus in 2022.

Thus, staying true to our promise we’ve included two new endpoints with this release.

These new endpoints combined with the original set now make it possible to create MVPs for SaaS style businesses. And to create integrations with other service billing & provisioning platforms such as WHCMS.

You can learn more about the REST API in the article Introducing The WPCloudDeploy REST API.

We also have a few new and improved features – check those out below!

New: Resize DigitalOcean Servers

We now have a new server tab for resizing servers.

Resizing is only supported for DigitalOcean at this time. You will not see the resize option for other providers.

Note: If you’re offering server subscriptions to your customer or access to servers under your own account, you will want to disable access to this new tab!

New: Options To Hide Owner Names & Server Names

These new options are useful if you’re using WPCD to offer site or server subscriptions to your end-users. In these use-cases it might sometimes not be appropriate to display the owner and server names in the site / server lists.

Cron Improvements

We have updated our script that replaces WP-CRON to be less taxing on server resources. Instead of running the linux cron for all sites at the same time, we now serialize it. This will result in less server resources being used within a given cron period.

To get the benefit of this change you will need to disable the LINUX cron for a site and re-enable it.

Log Limits

We now have options to set the log limits on each type of log.

Other Tweaks

  • We added some checks around post types when deleting log entries.
  • When a LINUX cron is enabled, the interval field is now hidden. Prior to this change, admins might have thought that the interval could be changed without disabling and re-enabling the service. Hiding it makes it clearer that the service needs to be disabled before any changes can be made.
  • The team permission screen has been updated to use an additional column:


  • The Clone Site tab was using the incorrect team permission.
  • Searching certain logs would return entries from other post types under select conditions.
  • Multiple fixes and changes to the REST API.


We’ve changed the minimum required WordPress version from 5.0 to 5.4. We doubt that this change would actually affect any of our customers.


This is a fast-ring release and can be obtained by downloading it directly from your account screen.

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