Easily Deploy and Manage WordPress Servers and Sites From Inside Your WordPress Dashboard

Get a permanent fix for your WordPress hosting issues....

Deploy & Manage Your Own Cloud Servers From Inside WordPress

Easily replace WPEngine, Kinsta, SiteGround, GoDaddy, Flywheel and other WordPress hosts with your own lower-cost high-performance cloud servers. And manage everything inside wp-admin.

Easily Deploy and Manage WordPress Servers and Sites From Inside Your WordPress Dashboard

Get a permanent fix for your WordPress hosting issues....

Deploy & Manage Your Own Cloud Servers Inside WordPress

Easily replace WPEngine, Kinsta, SiteGround, GoDaddy, Flywheel and other WordPress hosts with your own lower-cost high-performance cloud servers. And manage everything inside wp-admin.


Transcend the limits of traditional hosting & WordPress Server Management Tools. 

  • Get An Immediate Speed Boost

    Dedicated cloud server resources provide an immediate speed boost with no changes to your site.  

  • No Command Line Necessary

    Run your servers & sites without ever seeing the command line.  Though, it's there if you ever need it - complete with root access.

  • Knowledgeable Technical Support

    We're right there if you ever need us.

  • Immediate Savings

    If you're happy with your site you can spend less for the same performance.

  • Flexible

    You can do things with our platform and on your servers that would be impossible to achieve on regular hosts.

  • Better Security

    One less 3rd party rummaging around your sites!


Own Your Servers

Dramatically improve your hosting experience by taking control of your own servers.  Easily deploy and provision WordPress servers at any of the major cloud server providers. 


Total Server Control

Exercise total control over what is deployed on your servers and sites as well as how it's deployed.  You own and control the entire stack and user experience - top to bottom.


Reap Savings

A single annual fee for unlimited servers of any size and unlimited sites across all your servers.  No additional fees for white label, teams or granular security.  Simple pricing with only two pricing levels.


Gain Flexibility

Extend the plugin with your own custom add-ons that supply the features you need. Override or extend existing functionality to deploy servers and sites exactly the way you want.


Full Transparency

Inspect everything that is run and installed on your server and sites.  100% open-source means nothing is hidden, nothing is proprietary.


Better Security

Running your own cloud panel reduces the number of entities with direct access to your servers and sites.  There's at least one less 3rd party with their hooks into your infrastructure!


Your Language

Translate the entire plugin using standard WordPress tools. You can finally have a WordPress Management Dashboard that speaks YOUR language!



Working on projects with sticky privacy issues?  Your metadata about your servers, sites and customers are yours and yours alone.  Problem solved!


Better Data Analysis

Export your server and site data using any standard WordPress export tool.  Import the data into spreadsheets, CRMs, databases and more.  


Replace Expensive Services

Replace WPEngine, Kinsta, GoDaddy, SiteGround and other WordPress hosts with  much cheaper servers from popular cloud providers.


Better Disaster Prevention

Easily distribute your customer sites across different geographic regions & cloud server providers. A single issue in one location or provider will not take down all your sites.

General Features


Master Dashboard

View your existing servers. • Deploy new servers • Create new WordPress sites • Manage existing WordPress sites


Unlimited Servers

Deploy unlimited servers for as many clients as you need.


Unlimited Sites

Deploy unlimited sites on unlimited number of servers.


Multiple Sites Per Server

Deploy and manage multiple WordPress sites on each server.  Take advantage of the performance benefits that come with your own server to run more sites at far lower costs!


Direct Integration With NINE Cloud Providers

Direct support for: DigitalOcean • Linode • Vultr • EC2 • Lightsail • Upcloud • Hetzner • Exoscale • Alibaba 


Custom Server Integration

Connect servers from any provider to our dashboard - even ones we don't directly support.  This includes bare-metal servers as well.


Custom Data Integration

Data about your servers and sites are stored in custom post types and displayed in standard WP lists.  This means that adding your own columns and data elements is very easy!


Handle Special Situations

Need a special feature on your server to service an important client?  It's your server so no need to beg a hosting provider to enable it for you.  Unlock the shackles!


Developer Friendly

100% Open Source • Quick start sample extension • Quick start articles • WP hooks & filters and more.


Critical WordPress Features

Free SSL Certificates • phpMyAdmin • Multiple sFTP users • LEMP Stack • Multiple Firewall options • Linux Cron • Much Much More - View All Features


Fully Integrated Into wp-admin

Do it all within a wp-admin dashboard!  Built around custom post types, you can have all the WordPress goodness you know and love, including all its flexibility!


Use a Familiar Toolset

Engage with all your favorite WordPress plugins for managing server and site metadata including ACF, WordPress custom hooks/filters, custom plugins and more!


Video: Deploy WordPress Server

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Video: Deploy WordPress Site

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Video: Comprehensive Overview

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Perfect For Agencies and Power Users

Offer a unique branded experience to your customers and staff.


Build Your Brand

Since it's a true WordPress plugin, you can include it in a unique management portal that you create to reflect your brand.  



Use popular WordPress plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields to extend the data associated with servers and sites.


Skin It

Need to quickly skin your wp-admin area using plugins like SLATE PRO, LEGACY & others?  WPCloud Deploy adapts because it primarily uses core wp-admin elements..  It's a true wp-admin plugin and so plays well with many skins.


Multi-user Ready

Create teams to grant selected users access to specific servers, sites and functions.  You can even create a team for every one of your customers!

Build a Niche Hosting Business

Multisite Ready

Fully compatible with WordPress Multi-site.  Special features included to make building a Multisite offering easier.  See fireupwp.com for an example.


WP-Ultimo Ready

Fully tested with WP-Ultimo so that you can offer your own WordPress server management dashboard plans to your customers.


Sell Server Subscriptions

Offer WordPress server subscriptions using WooCommerce & the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin.  Learn More.

All The Core Features You Expect In One Integrated Control Panel



Root Access

Full access to your servers with no restrictions -they're YOUR servers after-all!


Familiar LEMP Stack

Linux • Nginx  • MariaDB • PHP 7

No proprietary "secret sauce"


Full Site Backup and Restore

Every site backed up to your Amazon S3 account


Clone & Duplicate Sites

Duplicate any site to a new site.  Search and replace old Urls with new ones.


Push Sites Between Server

Copy sites between servers - even those located at different cloud providers!


Server Sync

Sync entire servers to create a "cold standby" in intervals of as low as 15 minutes.



Free SSL certificates deployed via LetsEncrypt.



WP-CLI enabled on all sites.


And Everything Else You Expect

Multiple Firewall options • Full page cache • Multiple sFTP users • Domain Search & Replace • Much Much More!

Developer Friendly


100% Open Source

As with any open source product, everything is available for inspection and modification.  This includes all the server commands, bash scripts and utilities.


Quick Start Sample

Developing custom add-ons is a breeze with our quick-start sample add-on.  View it on Github.


Developer Tutorials

We include multiple tutorials to get developers quickly building add-ons that push custom functions to your sites and servers.  View them here.

Industry Reviews


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... I think that developers will really appreciate the flexibility, customizability, ownership, and open-source nature of WPCloud Deploy.

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Power Functions

Server Sync

Instant Recovery and Redundancy: Take an image of your server every hour on the hour and send it to another server.  If your primary server fails, just switch the DNS records and the backup server is ready to go. 

Command Line Access Scripts

Do you LOVE the command line?  If so, just upload the WPCloud Deploy scripts to your server and run them as you see fit.  Read more here.

Features Not Available From Any Other Plugin

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Purchase WPCloud Deploy today and try it out for 30 days.  If you're not happy we will provide a refund, no questions asked.

If you're an agency that spends hundreds of dollars a month on hosting or WordPress management panels, you'll love the savings we provide.

And, of course, its all open-source so you can control everything that is being deployed to your servers!

PS: Purchase an all-access pass and get a personal one-on-one on-boarding walk-through to help you get started!