Sell Cloud Server Subscriptions With WooCommerce

  • Sell Server Subscriptions From Any Supported Cloud Provider

    Mark-up and sell server subscriptions to servers from any supported cloud providers: DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Hetzner, Upcloud and more.

  • Collect Subscription Payments with Stripe & Paypal

    Use the WooCommerce Stripe & Paypal payment providers to setup subscriptions.

  • Powered By WooCommerce Subscriptions

    Deep integration with WooCommerce and the WooCommerce subscriptions module.

1.) Define Your Server Products In WooCommerce

  • Define multiple products at various price points and subscription lengths.
  • Set Quotas and Limits
  • Optionally Install a new basic WP site or copy from a template
  • More...

2.) Users Purchase on Front-End

Your customers can purchase one or more server subscriptions using the standard WooCommerce check-out process.

3.) Users Can Fully Manage Their New Server(s)

Users can manage their servers using a highly customizable panel.

4.) (Optional) Set Permissions

Admins can easily control which actions are permitted on servers.


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    Create Unlimited Server Products

    Create as many or as few server products as you like in WooCommerce.

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    Use Any Server Provider

    Servers can be deployed at any of the 10+  server providers supported by WPCD. 

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    Set Unique Prices Per Provider

    Create server products with different prices for each provider and/or region (eg: prices might be more expensive for AWS products.)

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    Rename Server Provider Labels

    Prevents exposure of the providers you are using for your servers while promoting your brand.

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    All Common Subscription Intervals Supported

    Setup your products for daily, weekly, monthly or annual subscriptions.

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    Common Payment Providers Supported

    Accept payment using Stripe or Paypal.

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    Deploy Server & Site Together

    Automatically add a WP site to new servers.

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    Add Template Sites To Servers

    Automatically add pre-defined template sites to new servers.

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    Automatically Remove Servers

    Automatically delete servers when a subscription has expired or is cancelled.

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    Limit Sites Per Server

    Set a maximum number of sites for each server product.

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    Customizable Confirmation Emails When Sites Are Ready

    Admins can create highly personalized confirmation emails when servers are ready to be used. 

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    WooCommerce Confirmation Page Messages

    Admins can create a message that appears at the top of the WooCommerce order confirmation page to provide additional instructions on how to proceed after checkout is complete.