Multi-tenant WordPress

Everything you need to build, deploy and manage your large scale SaaS on WordPress.


Multi-tenant WordPress

Everything you need to build, deploy and manage your large scale SaaS on WordPress.

What Is
Multi-tenant WordPress?

Multi-tenant WordPress is a WordPress deployment configuration where multiple sites share a common code base.

Shared code can be any combination or subset of Plugins, Themes and WordPress core code.

It is primarily used in large scale WordPress SaaS projects.

For example, a company can offer pre-built sites, for, say, Lawyers.  Because the plugins, themes and many other files are likely to be the same for each site, a multi-tenant configuration where these files are shared makes sense.


When Is It Appropriate To Deploy Multi-tenant WordPress?

Multi-tenant WordPress is best used when building a SaaS (software as a service) style product on WordPress.

Ideally, you would be looking to support 100+ sites (customers/tenants) with a common set of plugins, themes and functions.


When Is It NOT Appropriate To Deploy Multi-tenant WordPress?

If you're building a SaaS where any one of the following is true:

  • You are just getting started and have not validated your market
  • You are not expecting to grow your customer base to at least a few hundred sites
  • Your budget is not at least 5K (USD)

How Scalable Is
Multi-tenant WordPress?

Multi-tenant WordPress is the most efficient way to deploy WordPress at scale.

You can start with a single server and then increase the server size or add additional servers.

Because of the way it works, strict discipline is imposed during the DevelopmentTestDeployment cycle.  This makes it easy to deploy code to one server or thousands of servers.

In the most extreme cases you can have many or all servers sharing the same file system (eg: AWS EFS) with massive database services across multiple worldwide locations (eg: AWS Aurora).


How Is WordPress Multitenancy
Different From WordPress Multisite?


Standard WP Sites

Multi-tenant WordPress deploys standard WordPress sites while Multisite uses subsites with a shared customer table and other special configuration items unique to WP Multi-site.


More Compatible

Multi-tenant WordPress sites are more compatible with themes and plugins because they look like standard sites.  Many plugins and themes are not multi-site aware and end up with weird issues when deployed in that environment.


More Scalable

You can only scale WP Multisite in one direction - vertically with larger servers.  You can scale Multi-tenant WordPress both vertically (larger servers) and horizontally (more servers).


Single vs Multiple Failure Points

When you change a file on a WP multisite deployment, it affects 100% of all customers.  Multi-tenant WordPress can be configured for staged rollouts.


Load Flexiblity

If you have some customers on Multisite that are heavy users impacting all customers, you cannot move them to separate servers.  With multi-tenant WordPress you can easily move sites between servers for optimum performance.



While you can get started with WordPress Multisite for less than $1000, a multi-tenant deployment is unrealistic for anything less than $5000.

What Does It Cost To Get Started With Multi-tenant WordPress on WPCloudDeploy?

First Year Cost Breakdown

Total: $4,437

Software development services, which you will likely need for any serious project, is an additional cost.  Our services page have additional options for pre-configured packages to get your SaaS up and running FAST.

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