Using AI To Build Your WordPress Business/SaaS

Large Language Models (LLMs) and other AI tools such as those popularized by openai’s GPT 3 (and GPT 4) have been all the rage over the last year or so. Conventional wisdom is that it will replace developers who work to build Websites including most WordPress developers.

Well, we say that Conventional wisdom is WRONG.


Because building websites and apps is more than just throwing together words and images in pretty combinations.

Effective websites use words to engage their audience and provide MEANINGFUL and USEFUL content that is UNIQUE and engages the user for your business. It uses images and layouts to help drive home product messaging, build brand loyalty and to quickly guide users on their journey through the site. Content is optimized to help search engines drive RELEVANT traffic and is updated frequently to ensure the sites stay current and relevant. E-Commerce sites need product layout, descriptions and other content optimized to compete effectively.

LLMs cannot easily provide this.

However, developers and agencies can -it’s what they’ve been doing for decades.

LLMs make it easy to create a base layout. But that kind of basic functionality been around for years in various forms – think generic website builders such as WIX and templates from WordPress themes. LLMs just make it easier to quickly populate starter sites with more relevant content and images. And, today, you will find a growing number of services that allow you to use LLMs to quickly build out a WordPress based site – the most recent being

How To Effectively Use LLM’s In Your SaaS

If you’re developing a SaaS on WordPress, the most effective use of LLM’s is to setup an interview process – basically a questionnaire. Based on the answers there you can have LLM’s create content and images that is then used to automatically populate the starter site for your customers.

Why is this effective?

Because you can ask questions that are extremely relevant to your niche and your customer’s business. The more tailored the questions are the more relevant and unique the starter content can be for your customers. No generic content!

Think about it this way – you’re using your domain knowledge to create relevant questions whose answers are then used to construct the niche-specific prompts for LLMs. This combination is extremely effective in creating seo-optimized starter content for your customers. And it’s not something that someone who isn’t experienced in your niche can easily re-create.

With this technique, you’re not creating generic content and websites. Instead, you’re creating extremely tailored and targeted content (including images and SEO snippets) for your customers in your niche.

How Does WPCloudDeploy Enable Effective Use of LLMs?

If you’re building a SaaS using WordPress, we’ve already developed an EFFECTIVE process flow that utilizes LLMs. It combines niche-specific questionnaires and site templates to quickly render starter sites for your SaaS with appropriate content and images.

The flow looks like this:

  • Your customer clicks on a button in your pricing table
  • They choose a template
  • Customer quickly completes the checkout process
  • Customer completes a questionnaire
  • Your SaaS generates the site with relevant and unique AI generated content and images
  • Customer receives an email when site is ready

If you’re looking for something like this then you should definitely contact us to get a demo for this flow.

Obviously, this is not a plugin-and-play solution. It requires that you think carefully about your niche, develop appropriate questions, structure appropriate and optimized LLM prompts and more. Of course, we can help you do this (premium services).

Table Stakes

Within a couple of years, this type of checkout and on-boarding flow will be table-stakes for any SaaS. But, for now, there is an opportunity in most niches to grab market share and blaze some trails.

Whether your niche is large such as Lawyers or Dentists or smaller such as, say, Pipefitters, there is an opportunity to quickly create something relatively unique and USEFUL without being generic.


Using LLMs and other similar AI tools to create a service that deploys generic websites for anyone is likely to be a failure for most folks looking to create a SaaS.

In other words, if you’re looking to target any and all customers across all industries, the failure rate is going to be extremely high (99%+).

But, if you use it in combination with domain-specific knowledge, you can create a powerful service for customers within that domain.

Your business moat is your domain-specific knowledge. LLM’s and similar AI tools are not moats – they’re just tools for you to lever your industry experience to create extremely useful SaaS service(s) for your customers.

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