Introducing Git Integration Services

We’re kicking off 2023 with a bang by introducing two new advanced features.

First up is this – WPCloudDeploy now offers deep integration with Github repositories.

There are pluses and minuses to this but first let’s talk about the core elements in the feature set.

There are two levels to our integration:

  • Basic
  • Advanced

The basic integration is a standard Web-hook response when GitHub notifies WPCD about a ‘push’ on a specified branch. This is commonly referred to as ‘push-to-deploy’.

When that notification is received we will update the site files associated with that repository.

Most git integrations end here and, for most folks, this is all that’s needed.

Advanced Integration

We also include an additional set of actions that can be performed.

The defining characteristic of these additional actions is two-way sync – the ability to push files from a server back up to a repo (or pull them down from the central (remote) repo.)

While it introduces the risk of conflicts it allows for some pretty advanced workflows, especially with workflows that make use of staging servers.

This is not your standard GIT integration with only web-hooks. It is a fully distributed bi-directional integration that takes full advantage of the decentralized and distributed nature of GIT.

You can learn more about the WPCD GIT INTEGRATION features in the documentation.


These features are only available as part of a combined software + support + services package. The features are not offered on a stand-alone or self-service basis.

The reason is simple – git can get complex and the advanced features we include have a lot of moving parts. We fully expect that there will be lots of questions as well as requests for help in setup and configuration – the kind of questions that go beyond our basic level of support.

However, the code is opensource on GITHUB and experienced ALL ACCESS developers can use it as they see fit.   Just keep in mind that this is not an install-and-go feature – it does require at least a smidgen of developer level work (hence the necessity for the services and support package).

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