Extend WPCloudDeploy With Generative AI

Rapidly Deploy Unique WordPress Sites Using The Power of AI

Combine AI and Your Own Creatives To Quickly Deploy Unique Websites Built For Your Niche and Target Audience

Introducing WPCloudDeploy Momentum
For WordPress Agencies, Creators, SaaS Builders & Entrepreneurs

  • Use AI tools to create faster and work more efficiently

  • Wow your customers with faster turn-around times for initial prototypes and concepts

  • Create Niche businesses that rapidly deploy unique sites for your target audience

  • Save hundreds of hours every year!

  • Imagine building a single template site - yet every site cloned from it is unique (text and images).

    That's the fundamental power of WPCloudDeploy Momentum.

  • This, combined with our existing SaaS Builder features provides an extremely powerful prototyping and Niche SaaS deployment structure.

  • Customers who purchase site subscriptions will each get a unique site – no duplicates!

Watch How It Works

AI Doesn't Have To Be Fancy or Complicated To be Useful.

  • Using AI, you can quickly create unique websites for your customers to view and use.

  • Utilize your design skills and industry knowledge to create your own templates. Then combine them with AI to quickly deploy unique prototypes that you and/or your customers will love.

AI will never replace your creativity.  But it can

  1. Assist with the more boring aspects of your business such as generating relevant placeholder images and short-form and long-form text
  2. Make creating and deploying sites much much faster, especially when you're prototyping and creating concepts in consultation with your customers

How It Works

  • Purchase a website from the WooCommerce store

    If you're an agency creating prototypes internally then the 'cost' will be zero.

  • Select a template

    Templates are designs you created - this is where you showcase your expertise in design and/or industry niche.  It is where AI cannot intrude on your creativity.

  • FIll out the onboarding questionnaire

    The questions about your business should be answered as thoroughly as possible.  The more information you provide the more relevant the prototype text will be.

  • The site is deployed and ready for use

    It's a full website built on the WPCloudDeploy production stack.  Use as-is or treat as a prototype for your customers.

" If you're not leveraging the use of AI in your business, you're leaving money on the table..."

Use Case #1: Websites For Niche Industries

  • Focus on a single niche or industry

    For example, create templates for, say, Florists.

  • Configure Momentum prompts for that niche

    Setup WPCloudDeploy momentum scripts to submit prompts to AI engines that integrates your knowledge of the niche / industry

  • Charge a reasonable fee

    Since everything is automated, you can charge a lower fee to bring the customer onboard.

    Or you can include some white-glove services and charge an onboarding or sign-up fee.

  • Supplement with upsells

    Upsell new customers with specialized services such as SEO, Local Advertising, niche-specific writing expertise etc.

Read The Documentation

Learn more about WPCloudDeploy Momentum can work for you by reading the documentation for the default out-of-the-box experience.

Use Case #2: Rapid Prototyping

If you're an agency that create bespoke sites for customers, you can quickly deploy sample sites that incorporate images, text and colors that respect your customer's brand.

  • Show them their first prototype in less than an hour.

  • Or, to really wow them show them a prototype while you're on the pre-sales call!

  • Show them multiple prototypes within hours of your initial sales call.

  • Or, of course, prototype for internal use. And then go to town to really make it bespoke!

Your Investment: $4997

This is an introductory price and includes complete setup of the WPCloudDeploy infrastructure and basic AI-driven templates.

What You'll Get

WPCloudDeploy Momentum is delivered as a customized 3-cluster server.  Here are some of the items we'll deliver with it.

Internal or Marketing Site

  • Landing Page

    The starting point of your WPCloudDeploy Momentum experience.  This basic landing page can be used to promote your niche SaaS or as the landing page for your internal developers.

  • Pricing Table

    If you're using WPCloudDeploy Momentum as a niche SaaS, this pricing table will link to your products and store and optimized for fast checkout.

  • Pre-configured Products

    Up to three pre-configured products linked to your product site template.

Template Site

  • AI Template Site

    A full-featured template site with AI content that is the foundation of your internal prototypes or niche SaaS.

  • Admin & Customer Roles

    Multiple user roles that cleanly separates your admin functions from your customer's admin functions.

  • Onboarding Forms

    We'll configure and integrate the WPCloudDeploy Momentum default onboarding forms.


  • Primary Server

    A fully configured primary server that includes your internal or marketing site, WPCloudDeploy, WPCloudDeploy Momentum components and your integrated WooCommerce store.

  • Template Server

    A server that contains your template sites (which form the basis of your customer sites)

  • Customer Site Servers

    Up to three servers that are used or customer or prototype sites - your choice of how many you want to start with. You can choose to start with just one if you like.

Personalized Documentation

We'll include customized and tailored documentation with everything you need to know to operate your instance of WPCloudDeploy Momentum.