WPCD Update Service

If you would like us to handle your update to the latest version of WPCD, this is the service for you.

It includes:

  • Update your WPCD add-ons to the latest version
  • Update core WPCD to the latest version
  • Apply WPCD changes to your servers
  • Perform health checks to verify the update

This service covers up to 10 servers running under a single WPCD instance

Purchase Restrictions

You should only purchase this service if:

  • There are no custom modifications for WPCD or its add-ons
  • Your WPCD instance is healthy
  • Your WPCD instance can connect to all your servers

After Purchase Requirements

To run these updates for you we will require the following information (which we will collect in the private credentials area of a new support ticket):

  • Your WPCD site wp-admin login (user id & password)
  • The SSH credentials for your primary WPCD server (password or private portion of the root ssh key)