We’re introducing a new product line.

But first, let’s talk about why we believe this is needed.

WPCloudDeploy is a VERY flexible product. It can be used in a number of ways including:

  • Basic WordPress server and site management
  • Selling server and site subscription products for your niches
  • Building WordPress SaaS (aka WaaS)
  • Running a WordPress focused agency

And more.

Additionally it can be deployed in a number of ways to solve some thorny problems related to privacy, security and scalability.

Unfortunately, some of this message gets lost and a lot of times folks just don’t understand what WPCloudDeploy really does.

Sometimes, being able to be many things to many people can really bite you in the rear. is our attempt to bring clarity to one of the benefits of WPCloudDeploy

With this new product offering we are focusing on one and only one WPCD benefit – building WordPress based SaaSes.

And we’re automatically including a lot of the services needed to support that type of business.

In fact, if you look at the site, you’ll barely see WPCD mentioned – instead, we’re focusing on the benefits we’re bringing to the table rather than the underlying technology that provides it.

And our pricing model will reflect both the combination of software and services we’ll be providing.

Speaking of…

Pricing pricing will include the sum of three components:

  • A flat monthly fee
  • A per-site/customer fee
  • A one-time sign up fee to cover some consulting and customization

One of the inevitable questions we’ll get will involve lifetime pricing. Unfortunately, given the combination of software and services required we’re not going to be able to offer lifetime pricing. Lifetime price for a product that includes on-going services is a sure-fire way to go out of business. And including just the software – well, that’s WPCloudDeploy!

But what we can do is offer a discount (which you can see here – BFCM 2022 Offer).


Have questions or comments? Just shoot us an email @ [email protected].

Otherwise, maybe just check it out and see if it’s something you might be able to use or tell your friends about.

We’d certainly appreciate it if you can spread the word.

PS: If you have the METAMASK browser add-on, you’ll get a scary warning when you try to navigate there. This is because ‘’ is apparently a little too close to ‘’ and so Metamask decides that it’s a threat. Yeah, we’re a little (actually a lot) peeved about it.

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