Lifetime Pricing

Purchase Once, Use Forever

All Access

Lifetime 1 Admin - $2499- Purchase

Lifetime ∞ Admins $2999- Purchase


  • Lifetime Software Updates
  • 3 years regular support
  • 2 free support tickets per year after the third year
  • Paid support after two support tickets (year 3+)


  • Cloudways

    No lifetime plan

  • SpinupWP

    No lifetime plan

  • Serverpilot

    No lifetime plan

  • Ploi

    Available but no defined price ('contact us')

  • Gridpane

    Sometimes available for their lowest end (developer and Panel) plans.  No defined price, offered only occasionally or as a 'contact-us' option.

  • WPCloudDeploy

    Multiple lifetime options available. Our ALL ACCESS lifetime option gives you EVERYTHING including future add-ons.

  • Runcloud

    No lifetime plan

  • Dollie

    No lifetime plan

  • Bunnyshell

    No lifetime plan

Bottom Line

Choose one of our lifetime plans and save THOUSANDS over a 3-5 year period!

(Yes, these plans will eventually go away so grab one while they're available.)