Deploy A New WordPress SaaS
in 7 Days - NOT 90 Days!

You Have A Vision - We Can Get You To Market In SEVEN Days.

How It Works

  • Choose a Core Feature

    Choose a single core feature that reflects your value proposition.  For example, are you offering:

    ✓  An online store?

    ✓  A membership service for a particular industry 

    ✓  A b2b (business-to-business) service such as invoicing

    Pick a single critical feature that serves as the foundation of your offer.

  • Create A Tag Line

    Create a messaging tag line that focuses on your audience. 

    For example, instead of "We build stores", you can say "We build stores for companies that sell xyz widgets" or "We build online stores for companies in the abc area".

    ✓ Tightly focused messaging that quickly resonates with your target audience.

  • Purchase our Quick-SaaS Service

    When you purchase, you must commit to making yourself or your team available for questions during the 7 day period.

    The faster we get responses to questions, the faster we can deliver your MVP!

  • Complete our Onboarding Form

    We'll send you a list of questions along with a list of various accounts and other materials we'll need from you.

    Then, just sit back and wait for our delivery.

    We'll keep you updated every couple of days as we build things out for you.

Looking For Ideas On What To Build?

Here Are A Few

  • Appointment Setting For Services

    Every service company needs to set appointments.  Lawyers, consultants, medical providers, accountants.  Pick a niche and create an easy to use appointment system.

  • Leads & Bookings for Trades

    Plumbers, electricians, welders, holiday decorators etc. These businesses all need good local SEO optimized sites to collect leads and make appointments.

  • Document Management

    Paper is still a thing and companies need to manage them.  Lawyers, accountants, book-keepers and more need help here.  Create a privacy-focused SaaS that makes it easy for them to do this for their clients.

  • Stores

    Many folks hate Shopify and are looking for alternatives.  Step in with a SaaS built on WooCommerce optimized for a particular niche.  We think this is a huge underrated opportunity.

Demo or Consultation Request

Need a demo of existing WordPress SaaSes?  Click the button to send us a message.

What You'll Get

Here are some of the items we'll deliver to you for your WordPress SaaS MVP.

Marketing Site

  • Landing Page

    A basic landing page promoting your SaaS, ready for you to add your flair.

  • Pricing Table

    Pricing table linked to your products and store and optimized for fast checkout.

  • Pre-configured Products

    Up to three pre-configured products linked to your product site template.

Template Site

  • Template Site

    A full-featured template site that is the foundation of your SaaS

  • Core Value Proposition

    Built-out features that reflect your core value proposition to your target customer

  • Admin & Customer Roles

    Multiple user roles that cleanly separates your admin functions from your customer's admin functions.


  • Primary Server

    A fully configured primary server that includes your Marketing site, WPCD and your integrated WooCommerce store.

  • Template Server

    A server that contains your template sites (which form the basis of your customer sites)

  • Customer Servers

    Up to three customer servers - your choice of how many you want to start with. You can choose to start with just one if you like.


We'll include personalized documentation with everything you need to know to operate your SaaS.

Required Investment

Commit today so you can get started with positive cash flow by the next quarter!

One Time Build Fee


Includes WPCD first year license + everything listed above.

Annual License Fee


for WPCloudDeploy All Access License.

3rd Party License Fees


  • Plugins & Themes used in marketing & template sites
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Cloud Servers

Payback Period

It is possible to recoup your investment with as little as 3-5 new customers each month.

5 New Customers
per month
@ $199
per month

Payback Period:
3 Months

  • Month 1: $995 (5 Customers)

  • Month 2: $1990 (10 Customers)

  • Month 3: $2985 (15 Customers)

Total revenue within 3 months: $5970

3 New Customers
per month
@ $499
per month

Payback Period:
3 Months

  • Month 1: $1497 (3 Customers)

  • Month 2: $2994 (6 Customers)

  • Month 3: $2994 (6 Customers)

Total revenue within 3 months: $7485

10 New Customers
per month
@ $49
per month

Payback Period:
5 Months

  • Month 1: $450 (10 Customers)

  • Month 2: $900 (20 Customers)

  • Month 3: $1350 (30 Customers)

  • Month 4: $1800 (40 Customers)

  • Month 5: $2250 (50 Customers)

Total revenue within 5 months: $6750

The Sooner You Start Building...

The faster you become cash-flow positive!

Get started today to set yourself up for a profitable 2024!