What Can WPCloudDeploy Do?


Deploy Faster, More Stable Sites

Move your current sites from shared, over-priced hosting onto your own WPCloudDeploy powered servers - your sites will run faster and usually at far lower costs too.  A $10.00 cloud server will kick the pants off of shared hosting that cost 400% more.


Centralize Your Server & Site Management

Manage all your WordPress sites and servers from a single dashboard, no matter where they're located.  Servers and sites on DigitalOcean, EC2, Google, Vultr, UpCloud, Hetzner and many other server providers are all managed from a single control panel.


Fix Thorny Privacy Issues

Easily store your data in any region. We have no access to your servers or your data because the entire control panel runs on YOUR server.  It makes complying with privacy regulations a lot easier.


Manage Customer Subscriptions

Integrate with WooCommerce to create & manage subscriptions for your customers' sites and servers.  Make it easy to automatically charge customers for your hosting and other services.


Horizontal Distributed WordPress & WaaS

Scale your WordPress SaaS/WaaS business across multiple servers in multiple regions without using Multisite.  Build resilient and fault-tolerant SaaS services.

Learn More About Standard WordPress SaaS 

Learn More About Multi-tenant WordPress SaaS


Optimized For WordPress

100% built and optimized for WordPress sites. Install, run and manage the entire solution as you would any other WordPress plugin.  Use your existing WP knowledge to extend and customize!

Why Self-Host Your Agency's WordPress Infrastructure?


Ultimate Flexibility

Easily customize anything and everything!  Need to add or remove services from every server?  No big deal.  Need to make sure each new site is set up the same way every time?  Piece of cake.  Need your own branding?  No problem!

Everything is OPEN SOURCE and available for changes.  And you can do it all with your existing WP and Linux skills!


Fully Privacy Focused

Privacy & data jurisdictional issues are not a joke these days and failing to protect your customers (and their customers) can quickly rack up expensive fines & fees. 

With WPCD you have all the flexibility to craft your own privacy-focused solution.  It's all in your control - where you store your data, who else has access to your servers and more.

Remember - SaaS services have direct access to all your server data. We don't - because everything runs on YOUR servers!


Far Better Security

Your SSH Keys on your servers means they're your servers.  Someone else's keys on your servers? Maybe not so much your servers any more. 

Many SaaS providers install their own full-root-access SSH keys on your servers.  WPCloudDeploy does not - only your keys go on YOUR servers.  We have no access to anything unless you explicitly grant us access.


Extensive Cloud Server Support

WPCloudDeploy includes integrated connections to all major public cloud providers as well as private clouds.

We include direct connections to: DigitalOcean • Linode • Vultr • AWS EC2 & Lightsail • Google • Azure • Exoscale • Upcloud • Hetzner • Proxmox • OpenStack


Teams & Sharing

You get advanced features that cost extra elsewhere.  Support for teams is built right in - even the free edition!

Restrict servers and sites to individual users.

Grant access to features based on WordPress roles and capabilities.


Feel Right At Home

WPCloudDeploy is built on WordPress so all your WordPress skills can be applied. 

It uses the WP action hooks and filters model to provide a familiar structure for customizations.  Easily build your own extensions for personal use or to resell.


Open Source

WPCloudDeploy is the only open-source dedicated WordPress control panel. You will always know exactly what is running on all your servers - nothing is hidden away.  And, of course, you can modify everything and anything to suit your operations.

All these plus, you have all the advantages that go along with running your own WordPress servers - faster sites, lower costs, better security and more!

Better, More Flexible Options For Your Agency


Start Enhancing Your Brand

Your customer-facing control panel is a core component of your brand.  Install it on your own server and benefit from the type of branding, systems integration, customization and control you can never get from a standard WP host.


Faster Servers & Sites

Create blazing fast customer sites on your own cloud servers that are easily managed.  95% of the time your sites are faster simply by moving them to your own servers and away from overpriced, underpowered shared hosting.


New Options For Your Customers

Create sites that are closer to your customers.  Give them self-service options in their own language.  Create redundancy in your operations by spreading your sites across servers in different geographic regions and server providers. 

A WordPress Focused Management Dashboard Unlike Anything Else


Unlimited Servers & Sites

Deploy as many WordPress optimized servers and sites as you need.


Teams Standard

Create unlimited teams on all our pricing plans.


Deploy In Your Language

Use the WordPress translation tools you're already familiar with to deploy the entire solution in your customers' native language. Learn More


Direct Connections To All Major Cloud Providers

Deploy servers to the most common cloud providers without leaving the control panel.

Public Clouds: DigitalOcean • Linode • Vultr • UpCloud • Google Cloud • AWS EC2 • AWS LightSail • Hetzer • Exoscale • Azure • Alibaba

Private Clouds: OpenStack • Proxmox


Security You Understand

What's a dashboard without security?  WPCD has the most comprehensive security options of any WordPress focused dashboard thanks to its integration with WordPress' roles and capabilities.

Use them to lock down users to designated servers and sites. Assign individual servers and sites to "owners" with full or partial access rights.  Disable entire feature sets by role and so much more.


Micro CRM

Crucial customer data is right at your fingertips in your WordPress Management Panel.  

Create unlimited notes for each server and site.  Keep your maintenance history where other admins can see it.  Assign special labels to warn other admins of critical notes. Send maintenance email notifications to customers and more. Learn more...


Supports Any Cloud Provider

Our "bring your own server" feature allow you to use any other cloud provider or even use bare-metal servers.


Customize With Standard WordPress tools

Use popular WordPress customization plugins that you're already familiar with to further customize the look & feel, lock down menu items and more.


Play Well With Others

Link out to all your other business-critical systems by creating custom links directly from servers and sites.  Get one-click access from each server and site to your CRM, HELPDESK, DOCUMENTATION and other resources. Use ACF, METABOX and other developer tools to customize data columns, add new fields and more.


Exclusive Features Not Available Anywhere Else


Sell Cloud Server Subscriptions

Use WooCommerce to create your own store with subscriptions to powerful cloud servers. Add a mark-up to each server and even use your own name as the "cloud" provider. Learn More


Sell WordPress Site Subscriptions

Use WooCommerce to sell subscriptions to WordPress sites, with or without custom site templates. Learn More


Distributed WaaS

Build an infinitely scalable & geographically distributed WaaS service! Learn More


Power Tools

Our Power Tools module include features that make it easier to manage your WordPress servers at scale


The Only WordPress Plugin Of Its Kind

It is a 100% native WordPress plugin with no need for an SaaS service.


Scalable & Redundant

Easily Segment your servers and sites between providers, regions and zones. 


Bulk Operations

Make fast work of tedious tasks by scheduling and running tasks across multiple servers and sites simultaneously.


100% Control

Customize ANYTHING in the fully open-source code to suit your Agency's needs.


Comfortably Extensible & Brandable

Extend the plugin using your existing WordPress knowledge. Brand any aspect in ways you can only dream of on a standard SaaS service.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Purchase WPCloudDeploy Core today and try it out for 30 days.  If you're not happy we will provide a refund, no questions asked.

If you're an agency that spends hundreds or thousands of dollars a month on hosting or WordPress management panels, you'll love the savings we provide.

And, of course, it's all open-source so you can control everything that is being deployed to your servers!