Recent WPCloudDeploy Maintenance Updates

Since the release of WPCloudDeploy 5.3, there have been several minor releases with fixes and tweaks.

However, we’re aware that not everyone reads the file included with the WPCD .zip package, especially when using WP automatic updates. This article is a re-hash of that readme file so that it’s easier for folks to discover what changed between each of the minor releases.

If you’ve already scanned the readme file included with the WPCD .zip package, the information below will be old news to you.


  • New: Add setting to control the number of apps listed in the APPS column in the server list.
  • New: Add navigation icons next to the app links on the server list (apps column).
  • Tweak: Minor UI tweaks to the POWER tab for servers – schedule soft restart fields are in two columns instead of one which helps a bit to reduce space usage.
  • Fix: Format the custom links on the front-end.
  • Fix: Remove the “private” prefix from the domain names in the APP LIST column in the server list on the front-end.


  • Fix: An error message was always being thrown when fail2ban is activated for a site.
  • Other: Update translation terms.


  • Fix: The letsencrypt renewals folder was not being created on a new server where no site had yet requested an SSL certificate and site-sync pushed a site to that new server.


  • Fix: Stay on the same settings tab after saving settings.
  • Fix: Make sure that the configuration files in the /etc/letsencrypt/renewal folder gets pushed when copying a site to a different server.
  • Fix: Better validation of the domain field when installing WordPress.


  • Fix: WPCD Capabilities are not always added on initial plugin activation on new sites. This resolves an issue where the admin sometimes needed to deactivate and reactivate to get the full suite of permissions installed.


We toyed with making this 5.4 because of the new items we added. But ultimately we opted to stick with making it a ‘patch’ version release where only the third number changes. (See for information about how semantic versioning is supposed to work.)

  • New: Add new wp-config.php option – WPCD_HIDE_WPAPP_MENU.
  • New: Add option to upgrade WPCLI to v2.8.
  • New: Start showing history of updates on the server UPGRADE tab.
  • New: Add option to run certbot -renew on the server.
  • Tweak: Remove tiny file manager php version restriction. It now seems compatible with php 8.0 and 8.1.
  • Tweak: Update to install the latest version of phpmyadmin (5.2.1).
  • Tweak: Forcibly set the PHP version after a site sync to make sure origin and target sites have the same PHP versions.
  • Tweak: Automatically call the REFRESH SERVICES action when using the RESTART button for webserver, database and ufw.
  • Fix: If an OS version isn’t stamped on a server record, it should return as Ubuntu 20.04 now instead of 18.04 (if the server install was done using WPCD 5.0 or greater).
  • Fix: A PHP 8.2 deprecation warning about dynamic class instance var.
  • Fix: Make sure that SSHD shows up as a default protocol when fail2ban is installed on OLS servers.
  • Fix: The WPCD_APP_MENU_NAME constant was not being respected.
  • Fix: If a user’s role has the wpcd_manage_apps capability but not the wpcd_manage_servers capability the top level menu label in wp-admin should respect the WPCD_MENU_NAME constant instead of hard-coding a “WPCloudDeploy” label.
  • Fix: Changing a PHP version for a tenant (MT) did not update the open_basedir to allow the site access to the linked plugins and themes.


  • Tweak: Add text on server upgrade tab to indicate that installing php 8.2 is optional.
  • Fix: WP_CACHE constant needs to be set with the –raw option when using wp-cli.
  • Fix: Spelling error on the low disk space notification message.


  • New: Add option to capture low disk space condition when callbacks are run and optionally send alert to admin.
  • Tweak: Update default list of WP versions.
  • Fix: Monit running on OLS servers would always disable MYSQL because of a bad file check.
  • Fix: Creating or updating a user notification profile in wp-admin instead of the front-end did not correctly display the title when an object cache is in use.

Update History

  • Last updated Aug 8th 2023
  • Originally published June 21st 2023

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