An Overview Of WPCloudDeploy Related SaaS Products

Did you know that WPCloudDeploy operates a few related SaaS products all built on the WPCloudDeploy product line? These services illustrate what is possible with WPCloudDeploy while also making it easier for folks who prefer to use SaaS products.

We recently received a question asking about the differences between the various services which is what prompted this article.


WPCloudDeploy (this site) is a product that is installed on servers you control and is used to manage your own WP servers and sites.

With this product you are in control of all software, servers and sites – end-to-end.

If you’re familiar with services such as GridPane, SpinupWP etc., then think of WPCloudDeploy as running your own Gridpane/SpinupWP etc. service on servers you control.

It is shipped with full source code and, as such, offers the most customization options, the highest level of privacy & security and the most flexible deployment options – among other unique significant benefits.

Its pricing is simple – just as you would expect with stand-alone software. A flat annual price allows you to run and manage as many servers and sites as you like. Unlike SaaS products, there is no per-server or per-site pricing. It is also the only product in our suite of software and services that have a lifetime license option always available


WPCD.Cloud is a cloud-hosted version of WPCloudDeploy.

Even though we subscribe to, and actively encourage folks to embrace self-hosting, the reality is that the vast majority of admins prefer things to be hosted in the cloud and to have someone handle the harder aspects of things for them.

If you fall into that camp WPCD.Cloud is for you.

With this service you get:

  • A fully managed primary WPCD server
  • A much higher level of support for your individual servers and sites.

The overall service is similar to what you’d get with SpinupWP or Gridpane but with all the unique WPCD features such as WooCommerce Integration, Powertools, more integrated cloud server providers, customization, multiple deployment options and more.


OpenSaaS is a SaaS product focused on helping you to build your own SaaS products on WordPress.

It comes with WPCloudDeploy, WooCommerce, Page Builder and other software / plugins fully pre-configured on a dedicated VM. It can optionally include a sample template on which to build your SaaS product.

You still integrate with servers you control and integrate with your own Stripe or Paypal accounts.

Since it’s a SaaS where we absorb the costs of the control-plane servers and sites, pricing is on a per-site basis which is a significant difference compared to WPCloudDeploy.

If you’re focused on building a WordPress SaaS, this removes some of the infrastructure responsibilities from you and places it on us – while still offering far more flexibility and custom development options vs similar SaaSes.

And, it is the only SaaS that will allow you to move the entire thing onto your own servers if you later decide that you want more control.


WPCloudPanel is a 3-in-1 service and is where we deploy our beta versions first. It offers three SaaS products that are all significantly different:

  • Dedicated semi-managed servers similar to CloudWays.
  • WP Agency Control Panel – think WPCloudDeploy as a SaaS with ALL options included, including WooCommerce integration.
  • Sites by the Day – WP sites billed by the day.

This service shows how, with a little customization, you can offer three very different services under the same umbrella with WPCloudDeploy as the foundation.

If you’re looking for all features of WPCloudDeploy as a SaaS offering then the AGENCY CONTROL PANEL on this service is what you’re looking for.

As far as using it to build your own WP based SaaS, it is different from OpenSaaS in that

  1. It is cheaper since you’re going to be doing more work
  2. It’s not pre-configured for a SaaS product offering and
  3. You will not incur a per-tenant charge.

If you’re looking for managed WP Servers that run on popular cloud server service providers then the SERVERS product is what you need.

For a more in-depth explanation of each service available here, you can read the WPCloudPanel Article on this site – see the Service Descriptions section. Or, you can go directly to the site with the button below.

Pricing is per server and / or per site.

One thing to note is that this service is where we ‘dogfood’ our new features. So it can change drastically on short notice. If you’re looking for something like the AGENCY CONTROL PANEL and need stability instead of a lower price, look at WPCD.Cloud instead.


If you’ve wanted WPCloudDeploy features in a SaaS, you have multiple options to choose from.

Or, you can use WPCloudDeploy to run your own SaaS that offer similar services. Hopefully these SaaS products give you some inspiration as to what’s possible. Our custom software services group will even help you build them using what we’ve already built as a foundation to quickly get you to market with paying customers.

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