Public Github Repository Now Open For WPCloudDeploy

October 12, 2021

Today, we opened a public github repository for WPCloudDeploy, marking a new era in the open-source journey for WPCD. While WPCD was always an open-source project, the code was only available to folks who purchased a license. However, starting today, the source-code for the core plugin is available to anyone who wishes to inspect it.…

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WordPress As A Service (WaaS) – Random Thoughts

October 8, 2021

I had a conversation today with Jonathan Wold of PostStatus on the rise of WaaS and the large opportunity that might potentially be present in the space. It sparked some thoughts, given that I have been involved in building out a number of WaaS sites over the last 18 months or so, one of which…

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A 2021 Holiday Opportunity For Current Lifetime And All Access Subscribers

October 4, 2021

A little less than a year ago we offered a heavily discounted lifetime plan for WPCloudDeploy. We have no plans to make a similar offer this year. If you participated in last year’s offer, good for you – you got a heck of a deal. Back then we promised to not repeat the offer and…

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Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress Staging Sites

October 1, 2021

We just published a brief article about Staging Sites in WPCloudDeploy and ended up with a number of questions – perfect for a related article! Do you have to reactivate your plugin and theme licenses on staging sites? The answer to this question is – it depends on the plugin/theme authors’ policies as well as…

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Thoughts On This Weeks’ Multiple Acquisitions

September 24, 2021

This past week there have been THREE large acquisitions in the WordPress space: Awesome Motive acquired Sandhills, the developers of Easy Digital Downloads, Restrict Content Pro and a bunch of other well known plugins Learn Dash was acquired by StellarWP (a subsidiary of LiquidWeb, a large US mid-west web-hosting company) Automattic acquired another developer of…

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Bubble VS WordPress

July 18, 2021

“No-Code” is hot and one of the largest “No-Code” platform is Bubble. I’ve been playing around with Bubble for a while, building multiple real-world applications over a 12 month period. So my opinions are rooted in reality and not your usual “I played with a plugin for 2 hours and so am now expert” (you…

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WPCloudDeploy VS SaaS

May 25, 2021

A user in a Facebook forum recently asked the question “Why would you use it vs Runcloud or Gridpane” – “it” being WPCloudDeploy. We realized that, if someone had to ask that question, we probably hadn’t done a good job making it clear how WPCD is different from SaaS type systems. Or maybe they just…

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Now Complete: Direct Support For ALL Major Cloud Server Providers

May 2, 2021

Today we released our provider for Microsoft Azure – with it we believe that we’re the only dedicated WP dashboard to offer direct support for all major cloud server providers. You can now connect WPCD to the following cloud server providers: AWS (Lightsail & EC2) Azure Google DigitalOcean Vultr (including Vultr Bare Metal) Linode Upcloud…

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When WordPress Professionals Publicly Trash-Talk WordPress

April 12, 2021

Ok, so this is less of an article and likely should be classified as a “rant”. You should definitely move on to the next article if you don’t like opinions and rants. <rant class=”start”> A couple of days ago a prospect of ours posted about our product in a private Facebook group. Our potential customer…

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Speak Your Customers’ Language

February 24, 2021

We mean this literally. We live in a world where citizens speak thousands of languages. Yet, it seems as if most large SaaS services have their offerings heavily focused to those who speak English. So if you are an agency or developer in a non-English speaking country you are probably constantly on the hunt for…

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Fast Ring, Slow Ring – Adopting The Microsoft Release Process

January 29, 2021

Recently we’ve been asked about some of our new releases because they haven’t been pushed out via the automatic update mechanism. So we figured a quick article on our process might be in order. We have modelled our release process after the Microsoft Windows “rings” development model. They have what is effectively multiple “release rings”.…

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Handle Your APPSUMO Deals With Easy Digital Downloads

January 1, 2021

So, you’ve decided to run an APPSUMO deal and now you need to implement their guidelines on how users should redeem their codes. Ideally, you’d like to do this with as little work as possible. If you’re using Easy Digital Downloads and the Software Licensing add-on for your store, you’re in luck. There’s now an…

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