New and Improved in 2023

A list of key new and improved features in 2023.

Major New Features

Major new features added in 2023

Other Version 5.3 Features

Medium-Impact Features

  • Terminal Output Colors

  • Support for PHP 8.2

  • Option To Simplify The CHANGE DOMAIN Tab

  • Improved Option To Capture & Report on Low Disk Space Conditions

Minor Features

  • Delete Server Record Link

  • Option To Remove VIEW APPS ON SERVER Link


  • Better Post States Styling

  • Make Retention Days Visible

  • Improve HTTP Basic Authentication Behavior

  • Drop 6G Firewall Support

  • Use the Latest 7G Firewall Files

  • Drop Ubuntu 18.04 Support

Other Version 5.4 Features

Medium-Impact Features

  • One-click Logins

Minor Features

  • Switch Ubuntu Default Version to 22.04 LTS


  • Tweak Display Color for PHP 7.4

  • Removed Support for Old PHP Versions

  • Removed NGINX Support for TLS 1.0 & 1.1 on New Servers

Other Version 5.6 Features

Medium-Impact Features

  • Logtivity Integration

  • SolidWP Security Pro Integration

Minor Features

  • Object Cache Labels on Server & Site Lists

  • Register Ubuntu PRO License