Sizzy: The Browser Every Web Developer Should Own

November 15, 2023

If you’re a web developer, especially a front-end developer, and you are not using the Sizzy browser, you have no idea what you’re missing and you need to stop right now and download their trial. Seriously. Let me start off by saying that Sizzy is a PREMIUM product – you have to pay for it. And compared to free browsers,…

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Review: Flux Checkout from IconicWP

June 19, 2023

When you go through the WooCommerce checkout process with most themes, you end up with a boring, single-step, long-scrolling, check-out page. It can be…well…boring. On a recent Multi-tenant WaaS project, we had a chance to exercise Flux Checkout from IconicWP. This is a plugin that revamps the WooCommerce checkout flow into something far better looking than the WooCommerce defaults. And,…

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