Review: Flux Checkout from IconicWP

When you go through the WooCommerce checkout process with most themes, you end up with a boring, single-step, long-scrolling, check-out page.

It can be…well…boring.

On a recent Multi-tenant WaaS project, we had a chance to exercise Flux Checkout from IconicWP. This is a plugin that revamps the WooCommerce checkout flow into something far better looking than the WooCommerce defaults.

And, as of the version we tested, Flux Checkout v2.4.0, it works well with our WooCommerce Integration.

So you can go from this:

to something that looks like this – with just a few clicks:

The plugin provides a number of settings that allow you to tweak it to your environment. These include:

  • A choice of two themes (“Modern” shown in the image above)
  • Color selection for various elements
  • Checkout page tweaks such as whether to show the company name, use address auto-complete, skipping the cart page and even a setting for optimizing for digital products.

It also provides an option to customize the WooCommerce Thank-You page text (but you don’t need that with WPCD since we also provide a similar option.)

We love the default styles for the most part and with a few minor CSS tweaks, the checkout experience becomes so much better than the WooCommerce defaults!


From a pricing standpoint, many folks might think the plugin is expensive – ranging from $99 for a single site to $619 per year for 30 sites. Of course, you can purchase a bundle of all their plugins – 30 sites cost ‘only’ $499 per year. (Yeah, WordPress plugin pricing is weird.)

Given that you can spend an inordinate amount of time just styling WooCommerce checkout pages, in our book, the price is a bargain.

However, please be aware that they use FREMIUS as their licensing manager so if that’s a concern, it might not be a good fit for you.


If you’re serious about using WooCommerce with WPCD, this plugin is worth taking a good, hard look at to see if can help hasten your time to market. As with anything related to WordPress & WooCommerce, we can’t guarantee that future versions will continue to be compatible. But, for now, it seems to work well.

Note: The folks behind this plugin is IconicWP. They were acquired by Liquidweb in 2021 and merged into Liquidweb’s StellarWP Group. Recently, Liquidweb itself was acquired by One Equity Partners, a venture capital firm and assigned to a new holding company called “CloudOne Digital”.

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