Introducing Experimental ARM Support for Hetzner Servers

Version 1.5 of our Hetzner integrated server provider now includes experimental support for their ARM instances. This joins our EC2 Gravitron ARM support which was our first attempt at supporting ARM processors.

Depending on your use case, these instances can cost less to run compared to Intel and AMD processors – theoretically, the price/performance ratio is lower.

For example, at the same price point, you can get a single shared Intel vCPU or 2 shared ARM vCPUs with double the disk space and double the RAM.

We have tested basic NGINX and OPENLITESPEED functionality such as deploying the server, sites and SSL.  But we have not certified 3rd party software such as MONIT and MALDET.  Thus, this is not something you should run in production if you require 3rd party software support; but they might make good dev servers if you like playing on the bleeding edge of things.

They’re also great instances to use if all you are doing is creating sites that use just the basic WP functions without any of the advanced WPCD features. i.e.: Install Site, Enable/Disable SSL, Enable/Disable CACHE, Backup/Restore, Site Tweaks etc.  Almost anything that only uses PHP should work; but anything that requires a binary (most 3rd party software) have not been certified.

Option To Disable

You can disable the ARM server providers in settings if you do not use them and would prefer not to see them when you create servers:

Other Tweaks

This release also makes Ubuntu 22.04 the default OS and updates the Hetzner PHP API to the latest version (v2.6.2).

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