Introducing WPCloudDeploy Momentum

We’re starting off 2024 by introducing a new PRODUCTIZED SERVICE – WPCloudDeploy Momentum.

WPCloudDeploy Momentum builds on the WPCloudDeploy software stack SaaS features by integrating Generative AI into template sites.

This allows for UNIQUE sites for each customer each and every time.

Imagine building a single template site, yet every site cloned from it is unique (text and images).  That’s the fundamental power of WPCloudDeploy Momentum

This, combined with our existing SaaS Builder features provides an extremely powerful prototyping and Niche SaaS deployment structure. 

Your customers who purchase site subscriptions from your WooCommerce store will each get a unique site from the same template – no duplicates!


  • A new default checkout flow that accounts for different templates and industries which are fed to the AI process
  • Create AI tokens that allow generative text to be dynamically injected into any location on a template site
  • Create AI tokens that allow generative images to replace default images after a customer site is created
  • An optional TODO list that helps the user to configure their site
  • Integrated custom post types where text and featured images are generated using generative AI
  • An integrated onboarding questionnaire whose data is funneled to the AI process so that generated text and images are more accurate

Use Cases

There are two obvious use-cases for this type of product:

  • Build niche sites for your customers where each site is unique within the niche
  • Quickly prototype sites for your customers

Rapid Prototyping is an interesting use-case because it means you can take on more projects without lowering your billing rates.

Different From Other AI Site Builders

WPCloudDeploy Momentum is very very different from other AI site builders. This is because it is a marriage of your unique skills, knowledge and niche industry expertise with generative AI technology.

Generative AI is used to complement your skills and processes to help make site creation faster as well as automating away some of the cookie-cutter elements of building a site.

The key here is the TEMPLATE site.

The TEMPLATE site incorporates YOUR experience, your knowledge of niche, your design skills, your styles, your personality.

Generative AI is used to create text and image elements that layer on top of that.

Other AI Site Builders generate cookie-cutter sites that do not take into account YOUR expertise.

The final output will be uniquely yours – the more effort you put into crafting your templates and AI prompts, the more powerful and unique your customer sites will be.

Productized Service

WPCloudDeploy Momentum is not software – it’s a service built on top of the WPCloudDeploy software stack.

This means that we CRAFT each Momentum cluster just for you, starting with a baseline configuration

For a flat fee we’ll build out the basic infrastructure you need to use generative AI with template sites.

We deploy and configure your control plane servers, customer servers, template servers, sample template sites, integrate with payment providers such as Stripe, configure DNS integration with CloudFlare, setup your WooCommerce store and products, craft suitable AI prompts for text and images and much much more including training, documentation and customization.

We also allow you to select free customizations from a pre-defined list.

Our team will spend at least a full week of our time crafting your Momentum baseline instance.  As you might expect, if you have complex customization requests it might take more time to get your cluster up and running.


If you’ve been wondering where generative AI might fit into your business, we really think this is a great lead in. Unlike other approaches, the data is automatically generated at the time the site is created (or shortly after), ready for the customer or developer to tweak.

And, if you’re like most agencies that create bespoke sites, you don’t have to wait around for the customer to deliver content or images before you can deliver a close-to-final site.

Note: the pricing shown on the product page is an introductory price – since this is a new service we’re pricing it around the same level as a regular custom SaaS buildout. But we fully expect to rapidly increase the price since this is a much more complex SaaS build.

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