Introducing The WPCloudDeploy Affiliate Program

WPCloudDeploy has never been marketed through intermediaries. It doesn’t even have a presence on

However, we believe it’s time we started using more sophisticated methods in how we reach out to potential new customers. So, today, we’re introducing an affiliate program.

Because the average price for our products is far higher than for other WordPress plugins, we’re hoping that professional affiliate marketers are incentivized to learn about and promote WPCloudDeploy.

Who Can Apply

Anyone can apply to be an affiliate but we’ll be doing thorough vetting before approving an application.

Unfortunately affiliate programs are easily abused which is the primary reason we haven’t introduced one until now. So, as we start off getting our feet wet in this area, we’ll be very cautious about who we approve as an affiliate.

Of course, if you’re an existing customer you have a leg up and you’ll likely be approved – after-all, who better to talk about the product than folks who have already invested in it and are using it every day?


We’ve kept the all-important commission structure simple with room for tweaks during certain seasons (example during the annual BFCM sales period).

  • 20% for affiliate lifetime sales up to $10,000 USD
  • 25% when your lifetime sales exceed $10,000 USD
  • 30% when your lifetime sales exceed $20,000 USD

One of the things you’ll notice with this structure is that an affiliate can quickly jump from a 20% commission rate to the 30% rate by being responsible for the sale of just 8 – 10 lifetime licenses. Strong affiliate marketers should have very little issue meeting this low threshold.

Basic Conditions

As you might expect, we do enforce a number of conditions. For example, you cannot join the program just to get a discount for your own purchase. If you’ve joined other affiliate programs you probably already know that this is a common restriction.

Click here to jump to the full text of the affiliate program terms, conditions and restrictions.

Commissions are only paid on software products, not service products or products that include a services component.

But, a customer is associated with the affiliate for the lifetime of the users account. This means that any NEW software purchases the customer make after their initial purchase will also result in a commission.

Commissions will be paid for the initial 1-year payment for an annual subscription or lifetime license. Commissions are not paid for renewals.

Other restrictions include the usual spate of conditions related to CPC advertising, respecting our copyrights, no spamming or using coupon-code sites etc. The affiliate terms and conditions document has a list of all the actions we feel violate the spirt of how affiliates should operate when promoting WPCloudDeploy.


If you’re ready to become a WPCloudDeploy affiliate, please click on the button below to get to the application – it’s a simple one-pager.

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