Speak Your Customers’ Language

We mean this literally.

We live in a world where citizens speak thousands of languages. Yet, it seems as if most large SaaS services have their offerings heavily focused to those who speak English.

So if you are an agency or developer in a non-English speaking country you are probably constantly on the hunt for tools that you can deploy in your language.

Unfortunately, in the world of large WordPress hosting companies, you get few language options or none at at all.

For example, WPEngine and Flywheel are two of the largest dedicated WordPress hosting companies in the world. Yet, they offer few or no choices for alternative languages.

And so it goes with most hosting companies. They want your business as an agency but they give you no tools that can help you present their solutions to your customers in their native language.

And that just makes you, as the agency, look bad or worse, culturally insensitive.

Which is where WPCloudDeploy can make a huge difference.

Leveraging WordPress Translation Capabilities

As you probably already know, WordPress itself is available in dozens of languages and provides a clean, well documented method for translating themes and plugins.

And, because WPCloudDeploy is a WordPress plugin, it can and does take advantage of all of WordPress’ native translation functions.

Which means that you can easily present a UI to your customers that speak their language.

To be fair, we don’t claim to provide ready-made translations for all the worlds’ languages.

But that is not a barrier to you. As a WordPress professional you probably already know how to take a WordPress plugin language file and translate it to a new language.

Which, by itself, already gives you more language options than every single WordPress SaaS hosting solution out there.

So if you’re looking to present solutions to potential customers in their native language, you really should be taking a long, hard look at what WPCloudDeploy can bring to the table.

PS: If you would like to help translate WPCD you can do so in our POEDITOR project – just request translator permissions directly on the landing page.

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