What We’re Doing For Black-Friday-Cyber-Monday 2023

Anyone who’s followed our operations for any length of time know that we do not usually offer discounts on our products. But, every year, when BFCM rolls around, we feel the pressure to make some kind of discounted special offer.

Over the last four years or so we’ve developed a strategy around our offers. And it’s very simple…

We create unique packages that we don’t offer at other times of the year OR we offer a discount on something we’ve never offered a discount for in prior years.

By doing this we can ensure that prior customers aren’t annoyed because future customers get a better price on a product.

For example, in the first year that WPCloudDeploy was released, we offered a heavily discounted lifetime deal. But future years saw price increases so lifetime deals were priced higher than prior years.

Last year we offered a special bundle of core and add-ons that was not available at any other time (we created it just for BFCM 2022).

This year we’re doing something very different – we’ve created multiple offers that span products, services, cloud and unique combinations of core + add-ons. Usually we only have one offer/bundle.

We’re also adjusting timing this year. Last year (and prior years), we allowed our offers to run through the end of November. But we also only started accepting sales around Thanksgiving.

This year, we’re starting to accept sales much earlier but will be expiring the offers earlier as well – at midnight on Cyber Monday (November 27th).

Overall, our strategy is to make sure that offers aren’t repeated – you’ll never see the same combination of features and prices year-over-year.

2023 Offers

This year we have multiple offers for products, services and cloud-hosted versions of our products:

  • 35% Discount On AWS Fault-Tolerant Load-Balancing Scripts
  • $1000 Discount When We Build Your Quick WordPress SaaS MVP For You
  • 30% – 50% Discount on Annual WPCD.Cloud Plans
  • $700 Discount On Special Core+ LIFETIME Bundle
  • Lifetime plans on WPCD.Cloud (which usually do not have lifetime plans)

These offers are geared towards attracting new customers. But, if you’re a current customer and would like to upgrade using one of these offers, just drop us a note and we’ll configure your account to get it done for you.

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