What’s New In WPCloudDeploy V4.15

Our February 2022 release is another nip-and-tuck release with no major new features – just smaller features and tweaks.

New: Support For Disabling or Enabling DigitalOcean Backups

You can now choose to automatically enable or disable Digital Ocean backups when creating a new server. In prior WPCD versions, we always forced the backups to be turned on with every new server.

Now, you have to proactively enable this in the DigitalOcean provider settings screen:

New: Support For Native Server Tags In The DigitalOcean Provider

We’ve supported server tags in other providers – now we can add DigitalOcean to that list:

New: Additional Cron Intervals

We’ve added 2 min and 3 min intervals to the LINUX cron options available from inside WPCD.

Of course, you can always log into your server directly and change the interval as you see fit but this gives you a couple of additional options inside the convenience of the WPCD panel.

Under normal circumstances you should not need anything less than 60 min crons but there are a few use-cases where smaller intervals are needed.

New: Additional User Options For A Site

We moved the option to add an emergency ADMIN to a site to a new tab named USERS.

In there we also added options to add a new regular user and change an existing user credentials.

Under most circumstances these options should not be needed but we needed to add the functions to support new features in our WooCommerce add-ons. So we decided to expose them in the core plugin as well instead of just keeping them as hidden functions.


  • Change the default order of the array used to list UBUNTU versions so that 20.04 is first.
  • When removing a site make sure we remove entries in the wp-backup.conf and wpcron.txt files.
  • Updated list of WP versions.
  • New servers now install wp-cli 2.6; optional upgrade function to allow upgrades to wp-cli 2.6.
  • Disable PHPMyAdmin if certain components of the 6G and 7G firewall are enabled.
  • Remove some extraneous text in the 6G and 7G firewall tabs.

Developer Related

  • add_admin_user for a site action can now be called directly via an action hook.
  • Update the metabox.io tabs add-on to the latest version – fixes a horizontal tab overflow issue.

Wrapup and Availability

You can download this update from your WPCloudDeploy account. It’s designated as a fast-ring release so it will not appear as an automatic update in your WPCD Site.

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