Server Sync

Pre-requisites For WPCloudDeploy


Billed once per year until cancelled

Server Sync allows you to clone all your sites from your live server to a stand-by server.  The clone operates every hour on the hour.

If the primary server becomes unavailable, you can point your DNS to the backup server.

If your DNS provider is a service like CloudFlare, the DNS propogation time becomes very low and your backup server goes live almost immediately.  The only data that will be missing is the new data between the time of the last clone and the primary server failure.

This is not a true high-availability solution but it does protect you from some other things such as human error.


This add-on function will NOT work with Amazon AWS EC2, AWS LightSail or any other provider where the default user is not “root”.  At least not out of the box.  In order to make it work you will need to forcibly enable the “root” user.  Some server providers disable this user and provide a user called “ubuntu” (or with another name) with sudo privileges instead.  Unfortunately, this add-on will not work with that user.



Warning: This update REQUIRES WPCloudDeploy 5.0 or later.  Installing it with an earlier version will cause your site to crash.  Please upgrade by following the WPCD 5.0.0 upgrade instructions!.

  • New: Add option to drop the server sync status column on the front-end server list.
  • Tweak: Only allow syncs between servers running the same type of web server.


  • Fix: Prevent fields from being included in the DOM when they have been disabled for an author or role.
  • Dev: First pass at linting the tab file.


  • Fix: The link to the documentation in the server-sync tab was incorrect.


  • Tweak: Compatibility changes for WPCD core 4.13.
  • Tweak: Clean up additional metas just in case they exist.


  • Tweak: Compatibility changes for WPCD core 4.12.


  • Tweak: When listing the destination servers, do not include the current server in the list.


  • * Tweak: Smarter, more flexible searches for language files using an algorithm similar to the one used in the core plugin.
    * Tweak: Add WPCD version checks and related notices


  • New: Integrate licensing and automatic updates.


  • Fix: Respect team settings when populating the source server select drop-down.
  • Fix: Error out if the target server and source server are the same.
  • Fix: Error out if the destination server or source server is one where the user is not allowed access.


  • New: Add a dedicated SYNC column to the servers list to show whether a server has been paired and if so, with which other server.
  • Tweak: Add the name of the source and destination servers under the SYNC tab. Before we showed a link but didn't show the actual name so you would have to click on the link and navigate to the other server to see the name.
  • Tweak: Do not show the INSTALL WORDPRESS button for servers configured to be destination servers.


  • Fix: Do not error out if the main WPCD plugin is disabled while this one is still enabled.


  • Initial Release