Now Complete: Direct Support For ALL Major Cloud Server Providers

Today we released our provider for Microsoft Azure – with it we believe that we’re the only dedicated WP dashboard to offer direct support for all major cloud server providers.

You can now connect WPCD to the following cloud server providers:

  • AWS (Lightsail & EC2)
  • Azure
  • Google
  • DigitalOcean
  • Vultr (including Vultr Bare Metal)
  • Linode
  • Upcloud
  • Hetzner
  • Exoscale
  • Alibaba

That covers just about every major cloud provider out there as well as just about every region in the world with reasonable sized datacenters.

Custom Server Providers

Now that we’ve got all the majors covered (and some minor ones as well), it is likely that we’re not going to be adding new providers in the near future. We will now be able to turn our attention to other items on our roadmap.

However, this does not mean you cannot get a provider you want.

You can get your preferred provider using one of two methods:

  1. Write it yourself (or contract someone from – you have 11 examples to choose from, covering almost all types of APIs.
  2. We can write it for you – we’ve set a flat price of $3000.00 USD for a custom provider. As long as the provider has a reasonably modern REST based API, we can probably get it done for you at this flat price.

Our Wishlist

We do have one provider we wish we could create – Hivelocity. We’d love to get this one done because they’re a bare metal service. Unfortunately, the way their billing works makes it impossible for us to write an integration.

It turns out that every time we deploy a server using their api, we would be immediately billed for a full month. Given that we have to deploy between 50 and 100 servers during development and testing, the cost would be ridiculous.

To be fair, their ROADMAP says hourly billing is available as of the end of 2020. But every time we’ve contacted them to confirm, they deny that it’s available.

If they ever confirm that hourly billing is an option, we’d work hard to get this one done.


We do have our Bring Your Own Server provider that helps you connect to almost any provider out there. But isn’t it a better workflow (and more convenient) when you can just click a button inside of WPCD to provision a server exactly where you need it without having to manually connect to the server via SSH?

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