Pricing Changes

2023 is almost over and so, as we always do every year, we’re reviewing how our pricing has performed.

We’re only going to be making a minor tweak this year – We’ll be removing the business plan from the pricing page.

Why Remove The Business Plan?

Less than 5% of our customers selected this plan. Obviously it’s not something customers want. So, for now, we’ll be removing it from the pricing pages.

However, we will not be removing it from the store – it will continue to be available if someone really really wants it. It’s just not going to be front-and-center on the pricing grid.

The most popular plan was the All Access Bundle followed closely by the Core plugin. The Business Bundle was a distant third.

What Did The Business Plan Include?

The business plan included the Core plugin plus:

  • Four Premium Providers
  • Power Tools
  • Sell Servers with WooCommerce
  • Multisite Support

Possible Bad Decision?

Maybe this will prove to be a bad decision an we’ll end up adding it back in next year. After-all, there’s a reason that most pricing pages show three plans.

But, at less than 5% uptake, customers are definitely telling us it’s not what they want. Maybe we need to offer a different plan in its place with different components or pricing – but that’s something to evaluate next year.

For now, we’ll stick with a very simplified two-option pricing page – which is what we had when WPCloudDeploy was first released.

What do you think of this change? Let us know in the form below!

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