WPCloudDeploy Documentation

No-Charge Customizations

Since WPCloudDeploy Momentum is a service, you can request customizations which we’ll implement at our standard service rates ($125/hr – 2023/2024 rate).

However, we will implement any or all of the following for you at no extra charge – you just need to request it before we start to setup your Momentum infrastructure.

  • Remove INDUSTRY selection from customer workflow
  • Remove TEMPLATE selection from customer workflow
  • Disable the TODO list in wp-admin
  • Add up to 5 items in the todo list – you will need to provide the TEXT for each todo item and an optional link that the user will navigate to when they click on the item
  • Remove any of the default custom post types – Service, Project, Testimonial, Staff
  • Configure your customers with an EDITOR login instead of an ADMIN login
  • Remove fields from the onboarding forms (we will charge for adding fields since that requires we write custom code to handle the new fields)