New Help Articles For 2nd & 3rd Quarter 2022


We’re constantly tweaking and adding new items to our documentation library. But, unless you’re looking for help with a particular issue it’s easy to miss these updates.

In many cases, new documentation items can highlight potentially useful features or increase your skills.

Below are all the major additions we’ve made over the last six months or so:

3rd Quarter

July 2022

How To Generate An SSH Key-Pair With Termius

How to use a Customer’s SSH key for servers

WooCommerce order processing notes

Ubuntu 22.04 notes

Troubleshooting The “Critical Cron” Email And Related Message Alerts

OpenStack Private Cloud Provider: Introduction, Configuration & Installation Guide

Proxmox Private Cloud Provider: Introduction, Configuration & Installation Guide

Using Our AWS EC2 Core Template

August 2022

Restoring From AWS S3 Into A New Site or Server

Webserver Types

PHP 8.x Notes

Handling dpkg messages in your SSH Logs

Health Column Messages

Using Our AWS EC2 Premium Template

September 2022

How to identify the largest sites on your server

Using remote databases

Using custom server images

Generic quick-start guide

Quick start with AWS image

Quick start with DigitalOcean image

2nd Quarter

April 2022

Using post-processing bash scripts

Copy to server – automated daily process

Bulk actions on sites

Run callbacks more frequently

Automatic backups on a different schedule

Automatic server restarts

Generating home-page images

Recurring site images

May 2022

Nothing significant was added or updated in May 2022

June 2022

Identify the largest files in the WordPress uploads folder

All about WordPress crons

Locations of our configuration files on your server

Comparison with SaaS services and command-line tools


Only new or heavily improved items are listed above.

Additionally, many articles not listed above were updated for WPCloudDeploy 5.0 to account for new or changed features.

Let us know in our Facebook Group what other documentation you would like to see. Many new items are created because users hinted about them in support tickets!

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