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Important Notes About Private SSH Keys

One of the items you need to enter in our settings screen is the private portion of your SSH key pair that matches the one uploaded to your cloud server provider.

Here are some things you should be aware of regarding those private keys:

  1. If you generated your keypair with a MAC, UBUNTU 20.04/22.04 or WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) then do not use a password with it.  This is because the default key files are in OPENSSH format and the PHP library we use for SSH do not allow for decryption of those keys.  If you’d really like to use a password please make sure you explicitly generate a PKCS (PEM) formatted key-pair instead.
  2. If you do add a password to the private key, please make sure that you only use letter and numbers for the password.  Certain special characters are interpreted by the Linux command line as BASH commands – it’s easier to stick to letters and numbers (upper and lowercase letters and number combinations are ok.)


How to generate an SSH keypair

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