WPCloudDeploy Documentation

WooCommerce Integration

WPCD Multi-tenancy features are tightly integrated with our WooCommerce module.

In particular, you can specify a Multi-tenant template site for a WooCommerce product and WPCD will figure out how to get the latest or default version of that template and use it for the new customer site.

In a single server architecture where Templates, Versions and Tenants reside on the same server, you don’t have to worry a lot about how this all works – just set things up the way you normally would (see our Sell Sites With WooCommerce documentation.)

In an environment where you have multiple tenant servers, you do need to pay attention to the processes we outlined in the Using Multiple Servers document.

Note: You MUST make sure that your Template site has a default (production) version specified!  Please see the SETTING A DEFAULT VERSION section of the Multi-tenant Product Template Site document.

Using A Specific Version

If you specify a template site for a WooCommerce product, we will use the default (production) version of the template for all new tenant sites.

However, you can specify any version site as well and WPCD will use just that version for new tenant sites.

But, as we mentioned earlier, in an environment where multiple tenant (customer) servers are deployed, you need to follow the rules outlined in the Using Multiple Multi-tenant Servers section of our documentation.