WPCloud Deploy Documentation

White Labelling

White Labelling in WPCD is not like the White Label service you might see at other companies such as WPENGINE, FLYWHEEL etc.  Unlike those services we don’t have a single dashboard where you change a few things and that’s all.

Instead, because this is a full WordPress plugin, going fully white label is a process.  Depending on how deep you want to go you can involve a bunch of other WP tools.

For a true white label look you can use the following tools:

  • Standard WordPress translation tools such as POEDIT to either deploy WPCD in your own language or just to change the terms on the screen.
  • Admin Menu Editor Pro to further add/remove menu items – we remove items not suitable for a user level but you might want to remove others.
  • A WPADMIN theme such as SLATE or THEMEPASSION to provide a different WP-ADMIN look to your clients

You get the idea.

We do provide a few options of our own to help with the process.  For example we allow you to remove our LOGO from some of the popup screens using an entry in wp-config.php.

But, if you do find things that need to be hidden for a white label deployment please let us know – sometimes we miss things that should be placed behind a wp-config.php entry or run through a custom WP filter hook.

So go ahead and use all your favorite WP tools to transform WPCD into something that matches your brand!  And check out fireupwp.com to see some simple things that we did to provide a different ‘look’ for WPCD.