WPCloudDeploy Documentation

AI Featured Images

WPCloudDeploy Momentum includes a custom post type for SERVICES.  If used, your customer can create a list of services when completing the onboarding form:



We use AI to expand and cleanup the service descriptions that your customer provides.

Those descriptions are also used to generate images for each service.

You can use a “POST LOOP” block to display the services on a page.  For example:

Each image will be generated using an AI prompt such as the following:

A professional image for a service titled {{custom_service_title}}. The image should relate to the {{wpcd_industry}} industry. For context, here is some background information about the company: {{about_company}} whose website the image will go on and additional information about the service: {{custom_service_details}}.

You can customize this prompt by navigating to the AI PROMPTSALL PROMPTS page and editing the item with the title Featured image for a custom service page.