WPCloudDeploy Documentation

7G Firewall

The “7-G” firewall is actually just a set of web-server rules (published by Perishable Press) to filter out some well-known bad traffic before the requests hits the WordPress site.  The idea with this type of “firewall” is that traffic requesting PHP/WordPress resources is expensive.  It’s much cheaper and faster to weed them out at the webserver level before it gets that far.

The “7-G” firewall is an upgrade to the 6-G Firewall.

One of the draw-backs of this type of firewall is that certain activities that are legitimate will get blocked.  So we’ve provided a way to enable or disable portions of the rules.

To enable the entire rule set:

  • Go to WPCloud Deploy → Applications
  • Click on the site for which this action will apply
  • Click on the 7GWAF tab
  • Toggle the Enable or Disable ALL 7G Rules switch
  • Click the OK option on the confirmation popup

After a while the screen will refresh – if the operation is successful.  If the operation fails, you’ll get a popup message.

You can see a full log of the operation under the SSH LOG screen.

After the full rule set is enabled, you can disable portions of the rules using the rest of the toggle buttons on the screen.

Notes & Issues

Check out the 6G documentation for some of the possible issues that might occur with these types of firewalls.


This feature is available in WPCD Version 4.6.3 or later.