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Tweaking The Malware Scanner

If you install the Malware scanner you might want to tweak the settings a bit if you start to get false positives.

But, first, you might want to view the list of files that are being reported as potential malware. To do this, you first have to log into your server with ssh.

 How to log into your server with SSH

Once logged in you can run this command to view the list of malware reports:

maldet -e list

Usually the reports are ordered by date and the list would look something like this:

In the above image the first report shows that there has been 1 item identified as malware (column 5 shows 1 hit).  To get more information about this item you’ll need the SCANID which is shown in the second column.

With the scan id you can run the following command:

maldet --report <reportid>

For example, running maldet –report 230209-0200.3700127  will display a detailed report that looks similar to this:

In the above report it looks like it’s identifying a log file.  Since most log files are text files that are not executable you might want to remove all log files or all folders containing log files from your scans.

To exclude an entire folder, edit the following file and add the folder path:


To exclude files with a particular extension, edit the following file and add the extension (eg: .log)


Note that when you first open this file it will likely be blank.  When you add extensions to be excluded from scanning, there should be one extension per line.

Finally, if you want to tweak the other parameters for the scanner you can edit the following file:


By editing this file you can control automatic quarantine behavior, notifications and more.

Further Reading

Learn more about MALDET in the Maldet official documentation.