WPCloudDeploy Documentation

Customizing The Onboarding Form

The onboarding questionnaire (aka wizard or form) is built in Gravity Forms.  You can add fields to the form at any time.  But these fields will not be processed without modifying the Momentum Tenant Plugin to pick up the new field and values.

You can remove fields from the form either by deleting them (not recommended) or hiding them (recommended).

Warning: Do not REMOVE and RE-ADD the same fields to the form – this changes the Gravity Forms FIELD ID which the Momentum Tenant Plugin code uses to extract the form data from each field. Unfortunately, Gravity Forms does not allow for the use of persistent field identifiers so we have to use the numeric id they provide. This id changes when you remove a field and re-add it.

If fields are removed and re-added, please remember to change the PHP code in the Momentum Tenant Plugin to use the new field id. For example, you might want to change the field type used – the only way to do that is to remove the field and re-add it, then change the PHP code to reference the new field ID.

Note that Gravity Forms is installed on the WPCloudDeploy Primary Site and not on the tenant or template site.  So when you’re looking to make modifications you need to search for it on the WPCD Primary Site, not the tenant site.

When the customer completes the form, the data is posted to the tenant site where it’s processed by the Momentum Tenant Plugin.

If you add new fields to the form and want the Momentum Tenant Plugin to pick them up and create tokens, you can modify the get_gf_fields_ids_array() function directly (not recommended) or  use the wpcd_momentum_get_gf_fields_ids_array filter in a custom plugin of your own to add the new fields to the array.